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Producer MARCIA ROSS announces release of her documentary, NASRIN. Produced with Jeff Kaufman, who also directed.

NASRIN - a feature length documentary

Secretly filmed in Iran, NASRIN is an immersive portrait of the world’s most honored human rights activist and political prisoner, Nasrin Sotoudeh, and of the remarkably resilient Iranian women’s rights movement. Narrated by Academy Award-winner Olivia Colman. Currently in virtual cinema across North America and available in the Academy Screening Room; VOD 1/26

Watch Now: www.nasrinfilm.com
Composer ARHYNN DESCY has released two albums of music this month - the soundtrack to the award-winning film NINE NIGHTS directed by Veronica McKenzie and a personal album of short solo pieces called POSTCARDS FROM A PANDEMIC. Inspired by photos taken during lockdown last year, each piece is written for a different instrument and the musicians recorded themselves at home... a real pandemic project! Both albums are available on Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and other digital platforms.
Cell: +1 424 330 9556
Mobile: +44 (0) 7780 966 167
Website: www.arhynndescy.com 
Oscar-nominated director MATIA KARRELL is in post- production on her feature-length documentary film, Coming Home: Fight for a Legacy

The story of six daring women who prove they have what it takes to join the US military’s first all-female Air Force program to fight in WWII only to face a different kind of war: a decades-long battle for recognition from those who denied their very existence, Coming Home: Fight for a Legacy also shines a light on African American female pilots who flew at Tuskegee. Matia Karrell brings us a raw, candid portrait of these 90-year-old unsung WWII heroes, and asks the question: why does their history matter?

Karrell’s company Red Door Films is currently looking for a female writer for the documentary and is also seeking introductions to female comedians and comedy writers for a concept within the documentary similar to the "Fractured Fairytales" on Rocky and Bullwinkle. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please contact hilary@thereddoorfilms.film
Producer/Director JERRI SHER’S Emmy-winning Best Documentary Feature, Quiet Explosions: Healing the Brain, is now streaming on Amazon. 

This documentary, which is so relevant in today's world of brain injuries, reveals ground-breaking methods of treating Traumatic Brian Injury (TBI and PTSD.)  

Read the full article here.

Watch the trailer here.
ROXANNE CAPTOR MESSINA’S short documentary


has been submitted for the Daytime Emmys in 
Category 20: Outstanding Short Form Daytime Non-Fiction Program and Category 47: Outstanding Directing Team for a Single Camera Daytime Non-Fiction Program.

After serving on the front lines, Women Warriors return home to face a new battlefield...the homefront. Challenges of motherhood, PTSD, physical and emotional disabilities, homelessness, and disenfranchised families plague these women veterans as they adjust to home life.

Judging starts March 24-May 16. Any Greenlight members who serve on either committee please vote for Homecoming:Veterans, Wives and Mothers.

Roxanne Messina Captor

Producers TESSA BELL and BARBARA WEINTRAUB are in post-production on the short film, THE AUDITION, written by JUDY CHAIKIN. 

THE AUDITION is a comedic look at the inner angst of an actress as she and all her inner voices prepare for a very short audition. Bell, Weintraub and Chaikin are all members of the GreenLight Women Board of Directors. The screenplay was a finalist in the Cinema Street Films Short Screenplay Competition and is being produced under the Wild Flowers Films banner. The film stars Addie Weyrich (MRS. MAISEL) and is directed by Emma Bell. 

Wild Flower Films LLC
STUNTWOMEN – THE UNTOLD HOLLYWOOD STORY, produced by Greenlight Women Founding Member Stephanie Austin and GreenLight Women co-founder and Chair Marion Rosenberg (together with Michael Gruskoff, who doesn’t qualify for GreenLight Women membership!), has been doing gangbuster business in all territories. The film is available on most US streaming platforms and was released theatrically in Japan, where it has been exceeding box office expectations. The film’s theme song, WITHOUT A NET, was written by Diane Warren, Golden Globe nominee for THE LIFE AHEAD, and performed by Grammy nominee for BLACK LIKE ME, Mickey Guyton. STUNTWOMEN was recently named “Best of Fest” at the Heartland Film Festival, and received the Audience Choice Award at the Rowland Theatre Center Film Festival. The film is based on the book of the same name by Mollie Gregory, a veteran writer who is well known to many GreenLight Women members. Narration was written by Nell Scovell, whose GreenLight Women Talk was a huge success with members in June of last year. Icing on the cake: 100% from Rotten Tomatoes!

Read DEADLINE article here
Read PRESS here.
HILLARY BIBICOFF is a longtime member of GreenLight Women.

“I am a transactional entertainment attorney who mostly represents talent, but I do some development work for production companies and handle production legal for some major live events such as the last 8 Super Bowls and the two most recent Democratic National Conventions. Most recently, for my client Ricky Kirshner, I handled production legal for the inauguration as well as the COVID memorial, the Virtual Parade, the Prime-time Special and a couple of other events surrounding the Inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Deals I handled that are currently public and in the news include Robert Towne’s deal with Netflix, for the new CHINATOWN prequel and Dan Knauf’s Nickelodeon deal for the current series THE ASTRONAUTS for which Dan serves as the showrunner.” 

Attorney at Law 
30765 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 411, Malibu, CA 90265
direct: 310.667.6056 // office: 310.457.6100 // mobile business card
ELLEN GERSTEIN: Writer, director, actress. 

“I have been an actress for many, (and I mean MANY years.) I also wrote and performed my own stand-up comedy act. In addition, I have written two international award-winning short films, WAITING FOR RONALD and COME AWAY WITH ME, which I also directed, acted in and wrote the theme song for. I am presently writing a feature script, BIG AL, HIP HOP AND HER, which comes from my life, and a pilot adapted from one of my short films, called JUST SOUTH OF NORMAL. I love filmmaking and feel so fortunate that Lillah McCarthy told me to fill out the application and send it to GreenLight Women. I am even more fortunate that I am a member of this incredible organization and supportive community. It really makes a difference to not feel isolated in this business. Knowing that we are there for each other, to help each other and not be afraid to lend a helping hand is so special. It has definitely made me more confident and encouraged. I LOVE the Writers’ Support Group, the Sunday Chat Sessions and the Connections Group, which has given me such good feedback on the projects I’m developing. There is so much to get from this group and just as much to give. See you on Zoom soon.”
Members who would like to be featured in MEET OUR MEMBERS 
please send your information to NOW@greenlightwomen.org

The GreenLight Women’s weekly Writers’ Support Group for Greenlight Women Members takes place on Saturdays at 1pm PST on Zoom.
During the 1-2 hour meeting, we support each other in our writing process and give feedback on our projects (usually 1 or 2 members’ projects are scheduled for feedback each week)

If you are interested, please email Susan Eileen Jizba at susaneileenjizba@gmail.com for more information.

As most of you know, GreenLight Women has formed an alliance with the Motion Picture Home to participate in their Daily Call Sheet. Despite its name, calls are not made daily. They can be made on whatever schedule you and your “callee” decide upon. The name is simply to make the callee feel he or she is still connected to the business in some way, because almost everyone who’s ever been in the business knows what the daily call sheet is!

MPH will pair you with either a resident of the Home, or someone who is living outside of the Home but is being cared for by the Motion Picture and Television Fund. If you find yourself in a mismatch, the Home will connect you with a new callee.

Here’s the good thing: all calls go through a central telephone hub, so the callee will never have your telephone number, and you will never have theirs. And it’s first names only – unless the two of you decide otherwise.

I’m addressing this mainly to new members, who may have seen mention of the program on our website and may need further clarification. If you read last month’s e-blast, you will have seen a glowing report from GreenLight Women member Patricia Cullen, whose relationship with her callee has turned out to be a roaring success. From my own experience, I can tell you that spending fifteen-or-so minutes on the phone each week with my two callees gives me incredible satisfaction.

I learned recently that GreenLight Women is the only non-profit which participates in this program as an organization, which should make us very proud to be involved.

If you’re interested in joining the Daily Call Sheet, please email me at marion@ marionrosenberg.comThe Motion Picture Home will schedule a brief Zoom training 
session, and then pair you up with a callee.

Download the MPTF Social Connectivity One sheet HERE.

LISA GERWITZ was an honorary founding member of GreenLight Women and served as its Treasurer from 2018 to 2020. Lisa passed away suddenly in June of 2020, leaving behind literally hundreds of devastated friends and admirers.

Lisa worked as Director of Marketing and Relationships at Extreme Reach payroll service, and was well known to her large network of industry contacts as a connector of people and an industry veteran, with a passion for growing the community of entertainment production accountants and helping build careers. But her real passion was music. As a composer and performer, Lisa shared her extraordinary talent with us all, and never failed to delight. To view a video tribute to Lisa, and share the music she wrote and performed, go to:

GreenLight Women members, along with some of Lisa’s colleagues and friends, have donated close to $5,000 in her memory. The fund will be used towards the adaptation of musical instruments for children in the rehabilitation ward of ALYN Hospital, which is located in Jerusalem, Israel.

May her memory be a blessing.

Funding coordinated by Board Member Nancy Rae Stone 
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