EARTH DAY 2015  

Join the Party for the Planet!


It's the annual bash that celebrates being green -- Wednesday, April 22, is Earth Day 2015, and we're joining millions of folks across the country and around the world in working for the health of our planet. Do your part and pitch in -- pick up roadside litter, take public transportation, plant a school garden.  Think about joining our own Jennifer Seydel and others in the Trash on Your Back Challenge (see below).
Together, we can make Mother Earth a little healthier, a little greener, for future generations.
From Our Executive Director Green Schools National Network Executive Director Dr. Jennifer Seydel

Schools are the Key to a Green Future!


The other day, I received an email from young parents who had a three-year-old and a baby on the way. They were in the market for their first home, and while exploring the local housing market, they hoped to find an area that not only offered beautiful houses, safe streets and friendly neighbors, but a green, healthy, sustainable school.

Pack Up for the "Trash on Your Back" Five-Day Challenge!

It's certainly a wake-up call when you have to tote your personal trash on your back for five days. Diana Dehm of Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio, a past GSNC emcee and founder of "Trash on Your Back" explains the challenge is a fun, high visibility campaign driving awareness of our personal trash impact. "From now until April 25, carry trash on your back wherever you go and you'll understand just how much trash you really produce." says Diana. Greater awareness will lead to a zero waste nation and globe, so join the challenge!

Make Every Day Earth Day!
Being green one day out of 365 won't cut it. We need to protect and nurture the planet every day of the year, but how? Here's a quick list of what teachers, staff and students can do every day that will mean a healthier, more sustainable Earth:
1. Turn off lights -- Be sure to turn off lights and unplug equipment not in use. Your school will save energy and money!
2. Reduce, reuse, recycle -- Reducing the amount of waste generated or reusing waste paper and other items has a positive impact.
3. Carpool to school -- Ask students to ask their parents about car-pooling, and suggest that teachers and staff do the same!
4. Water it down! -- Reduce the use of water, whether it's watering the school garden or washing lab equipment.
5. Choose organic -- By eating foods not grown with toxic pesticides and fertilizer, you're saving the planet with every bite!
Celebrate the Great Outdoors with "Every Kid in a Park"
The National Park Foundation has come up with an innovative program to get youngsters into the great outdoors.

"Every Kid in a Park" is a new initiative to get 4th graders and their families to experience our national parks, the places that are home to our country's natural treasures, rich history, and vibrant culture free of charge.

Who's a Winner? Green Ribbon Award Recipients Announc ed at Earth Day Ceremony -- Join the Celebration!
This year's US Department of Education Green Ribbon Award recipients will be announced live on Wednesday, April 22, Earth Day. You can join in the celebration and discover which schools have won the coveted Green Ribbon Award for 2015.
School Dedicates "Teaching Garden"

Just in time for Earth Day, students and teachers at Tulsa's McClure Elementary School dedicated a "teaching garden" that will help kids learn responsibility by planting and maintaining a garden. The ultimate goal?  Inspiring healthier eating habits. 

'Green' Teacher Gets Top Grades

A New Jersey kindergarten teacher and environmentalist is being honored for her innovation in the classroom.

Cathy Lundquist introduced "Tools for Schools for Kids" at Cedar Hill Elementary School in Montville, encouraging the school to conserve resources. She meets during lunch periods to develop environmental initiatives that address concerns from school-wide to globe-spanning, encouraging students to take action and educate others.

Check out GSNC Highlights

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