Green Notes

The suspense is killing us, too.
The official GSNC program will soon be unveiled, but in the meantime...


There's a great line-up of pre- and post-conference events around the Green Schools National Conference that are sure to kick-start that green school initiative on your to-do list. Learn from experts and take away tools and best practices to help you and your colleagues continue your green school journey. 


Pulling together
It's time to plan strategically 

GSNN Executive Director Jenny Seydel notes that it's hard to get anywhere if you're rowing in a circle.
That's why she's pleased to announce the start of a strategic planning process that will take GSNN where it wants to go -- well-primed and well-positioned for the 21st century of green(er), sustainable schools.
Jenny shares her thoughts on why and how strategic planning is critical to our future success.

Small steps can lead to big gains

Tim Cole, Sustainability Officer of Virginia Beach Public Schools, claims you don't have to have lots of money and a bigger-is-better attitude to create a more sustainable school.


Check out his sneak peek of two pre-conference offerings that will be offered at this year's Green Schools National Conference.

GSNN Board Spotlight: Erin Green

"GSNN energizes me to help spread the message far and wide how K-12 schools can make a huge difference in the environment  of our planet and model to students/learn from students the principles of living sustainably on a big scale," says our Treasurer, Erin Green.

Erin has spent the last 35 years as a business manager for the State of Wisconsin, Department of Corrections, and public school districts, most recently the Greendale School District in suburban Milwaukee. Her current focus has been expanding support programs for students in the health and mental health arenas to enhance learning and achievement. In 2014, she led the District Sustainability Team to a national Green Ribbon Award. 


Learn more about Erin and our other board members.


Food for Thought 

School lunches have come a long way (okay, some not so much), but what about around the world? What are children in other nations including on their lunch trays?
Check out this wonderful slideshow  that illustrates what's for lunch around the world.

A force for good

Once in a while, we feel compelled to share info on a very special organization, so we're pleased to tell you about EarthForce.


Earth Force engages young people as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities now and in the future. Through Earth Force and its network of diverse partners, young people get hands-on, real-world opportunities to practice civic skills, acquire a deep understanding of the environment, and develop the skills and motivation to become lifelong leaders in addressing community issues.

Earth Force envisions a nation where young people from all walks of life are actively making positive change to their environment at their schools, in their neighborhoods and in partnership with their communities.


Not a bad mission, eh? Learn more about this wonderful group.


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