Low sound condenser fans standard on RVE line and Update on U.S. Fan Energy-Efficiency Regulation

Low sound condenser fans on RVE line and Update on U.S. Fan Energy-Efficiency Regulation

Greenheck’s low sound condenser fans offer a sound power reduction on average of 5-8 decibels when compared to standard condenser fans, resulting in perceived sound levels being reduced by up to 50%. An optional electronically commutated motor is also available for increased system efficiency and provides additional sound power reduction at part load conditions.

Model RV and RVE pre-engineered packaged rooftop ventilation systems now feature low sound condenser fans as standard. Condenser fan noise levels can be a challenge with air-cooled packaged rooftop equipment installations. If the equipment is too loud, or placed too close to other buildings, corrective actions are time consuming and costly.

Greenheck pre-engineered rooftop units are specifically designed for dedicated outdoor air and high-percentage outdoor air applications, making them ideal for schools, offices and government buildings. With performance capacities up to 13,500 cfm, up to 45 tons of cooling and 800 Mbh heating, Greenheck’s Model RV and RVE meet the demands of today’s heating, cooling, dehumidification and ventilation requirements.

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Update on U.S. Fan Energy-Efficiency Regulation

The large amount of energy consumed by fans has led to industry standards and government regulations establishing minimum fan efficiencies. An update on the progress to date and future direction of efforts to reduce fan power consumption.

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Damper Video

See how installing Greenheck DFD, FD and FSD Series dampers in a horizontal non-concrete barrier results in more usable space for the owner, more flexibility for the design professional, and greatly reduces installation time for contractors.

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Application Article

Balance, vibration, and vibration analysis -
There are many factors that can have a substantial effect on the vibration level of air movement equipment; such as wheel balance, rotational speed, drive components, motor operation and wiring.

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Did You Know?

Northern Lights - geomagnetic storms are about twice as frequent as the annual average during the fall equinox.

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