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What are our secrets for creating beautiful gardens?

Choose great plants for the site, and don't be afraid to move the plants around and refresh the area throughout the season.

Heidi uses her hori-hori planting knife as she fills in a gap with new perennials. It's never too late to plant perennials! Unless, of course, the ground is frozen.

Use those clippers and don't be afraid to deadhead and cut back flowers, old stems, floppy foliage, etc. Pruning stimulates new growth!

Here we see Heidi enthusiastically cutting back Veronica (speedwell).

Celebrate getting those big weeds out! Seriously, don't let the weeds win. Pulling right after a rain or watering makes it much easier.

Here, Heidi is happily removing small trees from the perennial bed.

Always pick up your yard waste and tools, to keep your garden tidy.

Job well done, Heidi!
Gardening is more than planting and watering, although both of those are SUPER important. Fertilize for maximum production and best color. Groom your plants and remove dead branches, flowers, and yellow leaves.

Mulch your gardens with organic mulch (eg shredded hardwood, cedar or pine) to preserve moisture and keep weed seeds from germinating. This also helps keep your soil a nice, even temperature. Plant new things! Enjoy!

Gardening is a wonderful way to improve your environment, mental and physical health. This is the year to plant a vegetable garden with your family or add pollinator plants to your existing garden. We are here to help whether you are a seasoned or rookie gardener.

Growing Edibles in Containers?
You might be at the point where you are watering every day with this heat and glorious sunshine, but don't forget to include the appropriate fertilizer weekly to keep those tomatoes and peppers healthy and productive!

And speaking of container grown veggies, we have SEEDS! Easy to grow container sugar snap peas, spinach, chard, lettuce, even Romeo round carrots - perfect for a small pot on the patio!

Right now, the heat is on - but fall is right around the corner, with perfect temperatures for growing lettuce, chard, arugula, radishes, carrots, broccoli, beets...

We have a special class just for you -- By appointment only -- learn all about fall vegetable gardens with Dr. Patti and plant a "Crate Garden" for your patio. Small bowls are available also for children to plant a salad garden. Fall Garden Crates are $35, salad bowls are $12.50.

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Thank you for all of your orders and continued support of our business. We are grateful to all of our customers and thankful to be celebrating 45 years of making things beautiful!

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Our trains are still here.
They typically run on weekends. But you can always come see them - even when they're not turned on - which may be most weekends in the summer as our House of Blooms gets pretty warm! If you're desperate to see them in their full glory, up and running, please call ahead to see if someone is able to run them for you when you arrive!

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