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Come see our tween-aged Poinsettias - getting ready for your winter holidays!

Our trains will run this Saturday only, October 3rd, from 10-3pm. But they're always here to see.

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Need some fall color to perk up your yard or garden? Try some of these gorgeous ideas!

Heptacodium - Seven Son Flower
A fabulous fall blooming small tree or multi-trunked shrub. White flowers attract lots of pollinators, and after petal drop, there are beautiful red calyces (the flower supporting structure) remaining that look like a second red bloom. Peeling layers of tan and cream bark add winter-interest to this beautiful shrub.

Tiger Eye Sumac
Enjoy spectacular fall color, beautiful bright green feathered foliage throughout summer. Excellent plant for the edge of a woodland or a berm planting. On sale NOW!
Make sure to stop by on Saturdays for Debbie's Deals! She'll be available for making deals on all of the gorgeous fall color in the perennial and tree area! Autumn Blaze Maple, Ironwood, Canada Select Ornamental Cherry...

We have some GORGEOUS trees!
Thank you for all of your orders and continued support of our business. We are grateful to all of our customers and thankful to be celebrating 45 years of making things beautiful!

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Sundays: 10:00am - 3:00pm

Our trains are still here.
They typically run on weekends. But you can always come see them - even when they're not turned on - which may be most weekends in the summer as our House of Blooms gets pretty warm! If you're desperate to see them in their full glory, up and running, please call ahead to see if someone is able to run them for you when you arrive!

Hand sanitizer stations are available nearby.
*Heidi is diligently working with a pediatrician to get our train area completely open!*

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