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We are open for In-Store Shopping and Phone Orders for Pick Up or Delivery:
Monday - Friday 9am-4pm Saturday 9am-3pm and Sunday 10am-3pm

Call or email your orders -
(262) 251-1660 and . We can accept credit card information over the phone, or you may come inside our retail area as there is plenty of space for social distancing, and so many beautiful flowers to brighten your day.

We offer:
 - curbside pickup
   - delivery
- distanced indoor shopping

We're doing all we can to minimize the spread of COVID-19 while balancing life, work, and staying open to serve our customers and our employees. Our intent is to simply take care of our customers, keep our employees healthy, and be flexible so we can all make a living.  
Whether you are a church, home gardener, or just someone looking for a Happy Gift or a personal pick-me-up, feel free to call us at 262-251-1660 or email at to place an order.

These items are ready to go now:
-Bagged soil for planters (1 cu ft, - $9; 2 cu ft - $15; 2.8 cu ft - $18)
-Soil Essentials Compost (1 cu ft)- $10
-Cool season flowering plants
-Variety of flowering combinations that make wonderful gifts for outdoor and indoor enjoyment
-Kid’s Garden-To-Go Kit $20
-Adult “Garden-To-Go $30
- Purse of Posies $15 (photo above)
- Pansy bowl $25
- Annual flats of: Pansies, Dianthus, Alyssum and Snapdragons (48 - $18)
- Herbs $4.50 (photo above)
- Herb bowls $25 (photo above)
- Fertilizers for indoor and outdoor plants
- Osmocote for slow-release fertilization of planters
- FreezePruf $17.50
- Deer Scram $20 (photo above)

We have so much more for you! Please watch our videos on Facebook. Karl and Heidi will be giving virtual tours of the greenhouse to show you all the beautiful flowers we have available.

Gardening is a wonderful way to improve your environment, mental and physical health. This is the year to plant a vegetable garden with your family or add pollinator plants to your existing garden. We are here to help whether you are a seasoned or rookie gardener.

Thank you for all of your orders and continued support of our business. We are grateful to all of our customers and thankful to be celebrating 45 years of making things beautiful!
Click HERE! to watch as Heidi and Patti walk you through gardening from the safest social distance - your screen!
Until Further Notice
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Sundays: 10:00am - 3:00pm

Our trains are still here. Hand sanitizer stations are available nearby. We'll let you know when everything is back on track, as our set-up is still undergoing final renovations.
We anticipate being up and running on MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND!
Phone: (262) 251 1660