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June 2021
Brandywine Battlefield Heritage Interpretation Plan
In 2020, Birmingham Township received a Vision Partnership Program grant from the Chester County Planning Commission to prepare the Brandywine Battlefield Heritage Interpretation Plan (BBHIP). In addition to participation from Chester and Delaware Counties, seven local municipalities agreed to partner in the planning effort:

Chester County:

  • Birmingham Township
  • East Bradford Township
  • Kennett Township
  • Pennsbury Township
  • Thornbury Township
  • Westtown Township

Delaware County:
  • Chadds Ford Township 
The purpose of BBHIP is to coordinate the interpretation of the Battle of Brandywine across a network of Heritage Centers and Interpretive Sites within a portion of the Brandywine Battlefield study area. It will focus on the location and conceptual design of three new Heritage Centers in Thornbury Township (Thornbury Farms), Birmingham Township (Clouser House in Dilworthtown), and Chadds Ford Township (Chadds Ford Historical Society). A wide network of smaller-scale interpretive sites will be identified that together will tell the story of the Battle of Brandywine and highlight the rich cultural heritage of this region. BBHIP serves to implement recommendations included in the Brandywine Battlefield Preservation Plan (Chester County Planning Commission & John Milner Associates, December 2013).

Planning will be complete by fall 2021. Visit the BBHIP website for project updates, meeting announcements, and to view draft documents.  

For more information email Kathleen McCaig.
Birmingham Hill Preserve Master Plan
Birmingham Hill Preserve is a significant landscape in the Brandywine Battlefield National Historic Landmark. The Preserve consists of 113 scenic acres located in Birmingham Township, Chester County, owned by the Brandywine Conservancy. It is a contributing resource of the federally designated Brandywine Battlefield National Historic Landmark and is part of an area designated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Commonwealth Treasure. The Preserve is the site of the first and second defensive lines of the Continental Army during the Battle of Brandywine in 1777. Some of the fiercest fighting during that battle is known to have occurred on Birmingham Hill Preserve.
The Brandywine Conservancy has been working since its inception to protect Brandywine Battlefield lands. Birmingham Hill Preserve is the last of five properties to be preserved in the Meetinghouse Road corridor. The second of two parcels that comprise Birmingham Hill Preserve was purchased by the Brandywine Conservancy in 2018 with funds provided by individuals, private foundations and government grants.

The Birmingham Hill Preserve Master Plan was prepared by Conservancy planners during 2019-2020. The Conservancy engaged nearby residents and other stakeholders in the planning process through an appointed advisory committee, key person interviews, written communications, public meetings and a project web page.

The full Birmingham Hill Preserve Master Plan is available for download at Hill. 

For more information email Sheila Fleming.
Keystone Historic Preservation Construction Grants
The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission provides funding through its Keystone Historic Preservation Construction Grants program to support projects that rehabilitate, restore or preserve historic resources listed in, or eligible for listing in, the National Register of Historic Places. 

Funding is available to nonprofit organizations and local governments for small construction projects for publicly accessible historic resources.
Applicants may apply for construction-related or planning-related grants.
Awards range from a minimum $5,000 to a maximum $100,000. A 50/50 match is required. Projects must meet goals and objectives of the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Plan.

Keystone Historic Preservation Construction Grants
Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED)
Applications are typically due at the end of March each year.

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