May 2020
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What can your business do to control costs and increase its resiliency? These days, many of us are thinking about the kind of world we want to live in after the COVID-19 crisis ends. For many — commercial businesses are no exception —  sustainability and self-reliance is becoming more appealing. Could your business produce its own electricity? Is now the time to shift to clean energy?

With those questions in mind, solar power is becoming the way of the future, and businesses are primed to reap the benefits. Melink Solar is a commercial solar EPC firm, meaning we are full-service and deliver turnkey projects. We work with businesses of all sizes across all industries. I encourage you to read these five reasons to shift to clean energy . And visit our solar resource page to l earn about types of systems, net metering, commercial financing, and more.

The future is bright, and we want you to be part of it.

Seth Parker
Melink Solar Vice President & General Manager

P.S. Melink Corp remains an essential business, available to serve you. For the latest updates on how COVID-19 is impacting Melink, please check here .
Why LEED Buildings Make
Financial Sense
By Brent Morris
Did you know LEED buildings consume 25% less energy and 11% less water than non-LEED buildings? For this reduction in utility costs (and many other reasons), constructing buildings to LEED standards makes financial sense for many organizations. If you own, manage, or operate a commercial building, read  why going LEED helps your bottom line .
How Restaurants Can Verify Proper Ventilation for Health & Comfort
By Sam Rayburn
If you own or operate a restaurant, you are familiar with the challenges of maintaining proper airflow throughout the building. From the kitchen to the front of the house to the back of the house, proper airflow can be challenging to keep in balance. That said, restaurants go out of balance for many reasons, wreaking havoc on a building’s health, comfort, and ventilation. Learn what you can do .
PositiV Building Health Monitor
PositiV ® is a standalone system that monitors your building’s pressure and remotely tracks building health. It is independent, wireless, and solar-powered, meaning no moving parts and easy to install. Find out for yourself !
Case Study: Paradise City Resort
By Jason Brown
Paradise City is a resort located in Incheon, South Korea, with multiple kitchen facilities. With the implementation of   Intelli-Hood   into all the kitchen hoods across the property, Paradise City was able to reduce its fan speed from 100% all the time to an average of 66%, resulting in a savings of $295,968 in the first year. Read more .