July 2020
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Did you know July 25 is  National Hire a Veteran Day? At Melink Corporation, we have veterans at nearly every level of our business, and we make hiring veterans a priority year-round. Currently, we have 12 military veterans in our Melink family. Four are in leadership roles and eight serve in roles ranging from sales to field service.

We have found that our military veterans are loyal, hardworking, and have a strong sense of integrity. They bring a different perspective on life, leadership, and hard work. Hiring and employing veterans offers Melink a chance to support those that have given so much for our country. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, and our veterans’ military values easily translate to Melink’s core values. Read more about our veterans .

I think our veterans (and all of our employees for that matter!) are one of the many qualities that make Melink unique. On behalf of Melink's field service team, I would like to say we look forward to serving your energy efficiency and renewable energy needs. What can we do for your business?

Matt Meyer
Director of Field Service

P.S. We continue following best practices to protect our customers and employees during the pandemic. For the latest updates on how COVID-19 is impacting Melink, please check here .
COVID-19 and Building Ventilation
By Tom Bugg
Daily, it seems like indoor air quality and building ventilation recommendations concerning COVID-19 are changing. Some states and school districts are now mandating HVAC air filter requirements, and ASHRAE has drafted recommendations for building operations during the pandemic. What does this all mean, and is it a "one size fits all" solution? Get the latest recommendations .
Q&A: Net Metering
By Monica Niehaus
N et metering is a (sometimes confusing) billing incentive that offers credits to the owner when a  solar PV system  produces more electricity than consumed. Any excess power generated through solar feeds back into the utility grid, thus qualifying the owner for a “credit” on his/her electric bill. Read our Q&A to learn more.
Case Studies: Intelli-Hood
By Jason Brown & Sean Cokingtin
The data doesn't lie. Melink’s Intelli-Hood demand control kitchen ventilation system is cutting energy usage and operating costs in commercial kitchens across the globe. Read our latest case studies and see for yourself:
Monitoring Indoor Dew Point
By Alex Falck
Monitoring your facility's indoor dew point is key to preventing many issues. Dew point not only factors in moisture content and temperature of the air but also provides a risk indicator for condensation and moisture absorption, which should be a facility manager’s primary concern. Learn more .
Creative Financing in the COVID-19 Economy
By Tom Bugg
For many businesses, projects are on hold as capital expenditure budgets are frozen for 2020, 2021, and even 2022. But if you want to move forward with your energy efficiency goals, Melink is committed to finding creative financing for customers, such as an Equipment Loan Program. Pay nothing out of pocket, while simultaneously being cashflow-positive when the work is completed. Learn more .