June 2020
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Dear Colleagues, Team Members, Friends, and "Family,"

Global pandemic. Divisive rhetoric. Recession. Systemic racism. Civil unrest. Climate change. On their own, each issue represents a monumental challenge for the United States of America — let alone the global community. Yet, here we are, faced with the totality of these seemingly insurmountable problems. As with any challenge we are faced with, we have a choice to make: Lay down and surrender. Or, stand-up and work the problem.

Despite the perpetual drumbeat of bad news, we must be intentional and work hard to maintain perspective. For without it, we are subject to become victims of circumstance, insecurity, desperation, and anxiety. Reason yields to emotion. Our thoughts become overwhelmed and critical thinking, cloudy. Therefore, let us seek perspective. We invite you to read our thoughts about maintaining perspective during these times. We can and will continue solving complex issues if we remain open minded, empathetic, collaborative, and firmly commit to a better future. 

To our children, and grandchildren,

Craig Davis, President & Employee-Owner
Steve Melink, Chairman & CEO

P.S. Melink Corp remains an essential business, available to serve you. For the latest updates on how COVID-19 is impacting Melink, please check here .
Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy: Fighting Climate Change with a One-Two Punch
By Joshua Gerlock
To invest in energy efficiency or renewable energy? In an ideal scenario, one can invest in both, combining multiple climate-saving measures for maximum synergy. Read why your business needs to combine energy efficiency AND renewable energy measures.
Webinar: How Sensor Monitoring Can Help You Oversee IAQ
Indoor air quality (IAQ), building health, occupant wellness, proper ventilation... Many of these issues are at the front of many business owners and facility managers' minds these days. Join Melink July 1 for a free webinar covering:

  • Why it's important to verify IAQ and proper HVAC design for your facility's health and ventilation
  • How sensors can be utilized proactively to monitor long-term HVAC performance
  • How to measure and verify IAQ & HVAC design

Click here to learn more and reserve your spot.
Intelli-Hood in India
By Deebak Gobalraj
Melink’s Intelli-Hood demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV) system has long been a global product. But, more recently, we introduced Intelli-Hood in the Indian market, which required attention, care, and a product with a competitive edge. Learn more .
Specialized HVAC Services: VAV Systems & Water Balancing
By Anna Rusconi
Do you know the difference between a Variable Air Volume (VAV) system and a Constant Air Volume (CAV) system? Melink's experienced HVAC professionals are trained to perform work on VAV systems, plus many other specialized HVAC services like water balancing. Learn more about VAV systems and water balancing .
Becoming an Intelli-Hood Sales Engineer (During a Pandemic)
By Jason Eckel
Starting any new role can be challenging, but what about starting in the midst of a pandemic? Melink's newest sales engineer reflects on his role and how Melink continues to provide custom energy solutions for its customers through careful review of site plans and design standards. Read more .