March 2020
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With many businesses impacted by COVID-19, these are unprecedented times; however, life will go on and we will get through this together. Consumers will still consume. Projects will still need to be completed. And, despite the public health crisis, the world still needs solutions to continue fighting climate change. So, Melink Corp is committed to continue doing what we do best: providing energy solutions for a brighter tomorrow, making the world a better place, one building at a time. 

Of course, in so doing, we will be leveraging best practices as prescribed by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The health and safety of our employees, customers, friends, and families is paramount. For the latest updates on how COVID-19 is impacting Melink, check here. And — remember — as we’ve seen during other trying times throughout history, we have an incredibly strong fighting spirit. We will endure.

As Q1 is wrapping up for many of us, I encourage you to review benchmarks as you look ahead to the rest of 2020. Where does your business stand on its 2020 energy goals? How are you working toward energy efficiency? With our umbrella of energy solutions, Melink can help.

Kind regards,
Craig Davis
Melink President
Coronavirus & Indoor Air Quality
By Cameron Lenard
Now, maybe more than ever, many businesses are concerned about indoor air quality to protect employees and customers from coronavirus. With the current spread of COVID-19 across the globe, it is important that we are all taking the necessary steps to reduce the spread of the virus.  Learn more.
Why Preventive Maintenance Is Critically Important
By Ron Butsch
Preventive maintenance is truly important to your business’ bottom line. In the midst of the  COVID-19 crisis , it is important to not just strategize for short-term implications of the virus. Now is the time to determine the best steps (like preventive maintenance) to assist your company on the road to recovery. Read more .
Tariffs Impacting the U.S. Solar Industry
By Nathan Young
Section 201, 232, 301...can you make sense of the tariffs placed on the U.S. solar industry? This article breaks down how the industry has been impacted. Good news though — despite the tariffs, the commercial solar industry is experiencing steady growth.
How Do Seasonal Changes Affect Building Health?
By Alex Falck
Spring is in the air! Warmer months can present major problems for facility managers and building owners as buildings’ HVAC systems struggle to keep up with increasing cooling loads and extremely humid outdoor air. As a result, poor indoor conditions can occur within buildings. Stay ahead of these issues before they become noticeable, costly problems. Read more .
How Indoor Air Quality Influences Wellness
By Krysta Kincaid & Cameron Lenard
According to the American Medical Association, 50% of illnesses are caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air. Thus, it's easy to see how Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can influence the cold/flu season. Ensure your building's IAQ, which includes the CO2 level, is healthy. Learn more .
Melink Holds GSA Certification to Work Directly with U.S. Government Agencies
If you work for a government agency, do you know Melink Corp is the recipient of a U.S. government certification that makes it easier for agencies to implement Intelli-Hood® ? The certification enables Melink to partner directly with U.S. government agencies to deliver Intelli-Hood, our proprietary kitchen ventilation controls, for increased energy efficiency in cooking operations. Melink has worked on numerous U.S. government projects to date with the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Veterans Affairs, General Service Administration, and other agencies with cooking operations.