February 2020
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Timelapse of Melink's super-hybrid geo system construction

Last month we announced that our new headquarters, nicknamed HQ2, is complete. This Zero-Energy Building (ZEB) is an exciting addition to Melink's business park. Yet perhaps the most innovative and promising feature at Melink HQ2 is its super-hybrid geothermal HVAC system. This system utilizes natural heat sinks/sources that mimic a geothermal ground loop at a fraction of the cost. Developed with the support of two U.S. Department of Energy grants, Melink’s super-hybrid geo system has the potential to revolutionize conventional HVAC and help mainstream Zero-Energy Buildings of the future. See the system for yourself by scheduling a tour.
Top 10 DCKV Practices
By Steve Melink
Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) is no longer a niche but a mainstream solution in commercial kitchens. Having installed more than 15,000 systems worldwide, Melink has assessed the most common problems in the marketplace to provide the Top 10 DCKV Best Practices for specifiers.
Air Quality & VOCs
By Cameron Lenard
Love is in the air this month...but is that all? Dangerous gasses called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) lurk up to 10 times higher indoors, affecting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and potentially causing sickness. Melink has tips to minimize your exposure and improve your IAQ. Learn more.
Get a Pulse on Your Building
By Alex Falck
PositiV, Melink’s latest innovation in the world of building health, equips facility managers and building owners with a tool to verify building wellness and HVAC performance. Like a smartwatch that monitors personal health metrics, PositiV tracks and trends overall building health through relative humidity, CO levels, temperature, and pressure. Learn more .
Intelli-Hood How-To Videos
Is Melink's Intelli-Hood system controls package installed in your commercial kitchen? We have created seven videos to help you learn about your system. Watch now .
Just Announced: Melink Corp Completes Super Green HQ2
Melink Corp's HQ2  is a Zero-Energy Building (ZEB), meaning that the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is less than or equal to the amount of renewable energy generated on site. HQ2 is a prototype ZEB for architects, engineers, and owners. Read more .
Attending RFMA?
Melink will attend the Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) Annual Conference March 8-10 in Denver, Booth #1620. Will you be there? Let's meet one-on-one to discuss energy solutions customized for your business. Book your meeting .
Meet a Melink Engineer
February 16-22 is National Engineers Week. Engineers have many important roles at Melink Corp. Meet a few of our team members...