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Happy October!  Or should I say, Happy Employee Ownership Month!
The ESOP Association and its member companies celebrate Employee Ownership Month every October, and we are thrilled to be celebrating our second year as an ESOP.
So why did we decide to become employee owned?
Ownership creates a unique incentive and motivation for employees to do what they can to help the business be successful.  Imagine the collective power of not just one or just a few owners, but every employee thinking and acting like owners, invested in the company's success and all pulling together toward that common goal! 
Owners generally think and act differently than non-owners.  Consider how you treat something that you rent versus something that you own.  Perhaps a rental car.  A home or apartment.  A tuxedo even.  Most people will give extra care and attention to the things they own themselves.  They see things in context of the bigger picture and the long-term, not just the here-and-now.  They make decisions that are best for the company, not just best for themselves. Owners make decisions that are in the best interest of their customers, their employees, and their business.
Whether or not your company is an ESOP, how do you perform your job duties?  Like an owner... or like a renter?   (cont...)

Best Regards,
Darren Witter
Vice President
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PositiV and a Test and Balance: A one-two punch to sick building syndrome
Cameorn Lennard,  melinkcorp .com

Sick building syndrome is condition that affects a buildings occupant due to unhealthy factors in the work environment primarily associated with poor ventilation and airflow in the facility. Per the EPA, symptoms of Sick Building syndrome include acute discomfort such as headaches, dry skin, coughing, dizziness, and nausea. Despite all these symptoms Sick Building syndrome can go undetected for years as the symptoms are all relatively minor and occur over multiple years.

To Own is to Serve
Angela Bradley,  melinkcorp. com
In 2010, Melink started a friendly competition called the "Good to Great Awards", inspired by Jim Collins's book " Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't". The goal was to challenge employees to give their best, be innovative and make Melink a great company and sustain our goals year over year. In typical Melink fashion, we had several employees rise to the challenge and set the tone for the next 10 years.

Co-Op's Perspective: My First Few Weeks...
Jack Lawniczak,

As a second-year mechanical engineering student from the University of Cincinnati, and a first-time co-op, I didn't really know what to expect when it came to my role at Melink. I had never heard of Testing and Balancing (T&B) before, and I had very little experience with HVAC systems. However, as I have gotten through my first few weeks at Melink, I have felt very welcomed and learned so much. After only a few weeks of work, I feel like a new member of a family, and my whole perspective about the HVAC industry has broadened.

Don't Forget Daylight Saving Time!

This weekend the clocks are moved back an hour! Don't forget to reset your clocks. 

Melink's Super Green HQ2

The greenest building in the world is finally starting to look green with the landscaping going in.  The main entrance and courtyard have fresh sod laid down to make our front yard 'pop' ... while the rest is being seeded and strawed.  The parking lot is asphalted and the paver driveway for Duke Energy installed in case their transformer ever needs repaired or replaced (don't get me started).  Trees are springing up everywhere and the ponds have been combined and lined with rip-rap.  Inside, painting is wrapping up and flooring starting to go down.  The geothermal loop is being flushed and the heat pumps will be ready to start next week.  Lighting and ceiling tiles/clouds are also starting to go up.  Let's not forget our U.S. Department of Energy funded and patent-pending innovations for our low-cost, high-performance geothermal HVAC system.  Tours are already being given to business people, teachers/students, and green building advocates.  First impressions are: Wow, the inside is so comfortable and naturally lighted - even though there is no HVAC or lighting turned on yet.  And the views are amazing ... colorful farm fields and hillsides, our super-green HQ1, solar power, wind power, charging stations, electric cars, and more.  We look forward to sharing our zero-energy story with the world - soon!                

Employee Spotlight

Jon Sawyer
Account Engineer

Jon joined the Melink family in May of 2005 as Field Service Technician for our Test & Balance division, and since, has transitioned to an Account Engineer with our National Accounts team. Living in Georgia, we don't get to see him daily, but we look forward to his visits! He always comes with great stories and a contagious optimism.

 Learn more about Jon!

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