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September 6, 2023

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Please join us at the

Marin & Sonoma Chapters'

Membership Meeting

Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 0900 PT

We'll discuss:

  1. CCL November virtual conference November 4-5.
  2. When might the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act be reintroduced, and how to enlist a civic leader to join the conversation.
  3. Jonathan Marshall’s encouraging national training presentation on Global Carbon Pricing: Progress and Prospects (It's better than you think.)
  4. How to support Congressional candidates who support a strong climate agenda.
  5. The Fossil Fuel Nonproliferation Treaty. (Check it out before the call.)
  6. Supporting policies and CCL National calls to action.
  7. Open discussion: Share your personal story about how you're feeling about the state of the climate and our advocacy in light of this summer's disasters.

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Followed by the National call at 1000 PT

with Madeline McGill,

narrative strategist focusing on reaching rural communities on climate issues. 

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Mark your calendar:

September 15-16

CCL's online Inclusion Conference

The climate emergency will require everyone’s participation to ensure the creation of a collective future that benefits all. This will be a people-centered conference focused on building leaders, encouraging dialogue, promoting understanding and building bridges of collaboration to address needed climate solutions.

Interested in working on California climate legislation?

Check out the CCAN Action Team

Dr. Ben Santer

A Tale of Two Ramaswamys

The Hill

In case you missed the August 23 Republican debate, here is what Dr. Santer, acclaimed climate scientist, had to say about this candidate's statement, "The climate change agenda is a hoax."

"Climate change is not a hoax. It seems strange to have to write this simple truth in August 2023, after massive wildfires in Lahaina, Canada and Europe, off-the-charts warmth in the North Atlantic, record-low Antarctic sea-ice extent, and many other extraordinary extreme events."

Deepen your understanding, but prepare to abandon your comfort zone:

Radio Ecoshock: World on Fire

Why the Planet is Boiling -- Umair Haque

“What would be the simplest way to begin limiting emissions? A carbon tax.” Read it here.

July heatwaves virtually impossible without global warming -- NYT

Questions about the science, and its elaborate obfuscation? Answers abound at Skeptical Science. (No, it's not the sun...)

Money talks:

Lacking carbon pricing, fossil fuels received $7 trillion in subsidies last year

Dana Nuccitelli, CCL Research Coordinator

Globally, carbon pricing covers about one-third of emissions, but in most cases the price is low. The lack of adequate carbon pricing is basically an implicit subsidy to fossil fuel companies, because society is picking up the tab for the damages done by unpriced carbon pollution via climate change. Then there are explicit subsidies from governments directly to fossil fuel companies.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) tallies up these explicit and implicit fossil fuel subsidies every year and just came out with their report for 2022, estimating that these subsidies amounted to about $7 trillion last year, equivalent to over 7% of the global gross domestic product.

That's also a conservative number because the IMF prices the implicit climate costs at $60 per ton of carbon dioxide, but recent estimates of the 'social cost of carbon' are closer to $200 per ton. That could add another $5 trillion to the total fossil fuel subsidy estimate.

Read more

Truth in Advertising, 1962-2023

(Zoom in on the fine print.)

Oops. They were right, but who worried about melting polar ice caps back in 1962? The excess energy that the earth retains, over 90% of which has been absorbed by the oceans, is indeed melting gigatons of ice -- rapidly -- putting every place at sea level at risk. (That's us.) We can't stop it without a carbon tax, because free emissions equals unbridled demand. Period. Econ 101.

Speaking of "Humble" Oil,


Stream it here.

Wondering why emissions keep rising despite all the data screaming "hit the brakes?" It's Denial, Doubt and Delay -- but that was yesterday. Now it's also Deception, Distraction, Disinformation and Doomism. Don't buy it. After watching this series, watch the August 30, 2022 Book Passage event with Dr. Michael Mann and Rep. Jared Huffman discussing Dr. Mann's book The New Climate War.  Then listen to or read it. It's really well done and even entertaining.

No, this is not your ICU monitor. It's our planet's vital signs, and they look ominous.


 “You’re going to tell me that back in the Ice Age, how much taxes did people pay, and how many changes did governments make to melt the ice?”

Let's hope this is an AI-generated Deep Fake. See for yourself.

You're invited, but...

This is how one behaves inside The Capitol:

Make an appointment. Business attire recommended. Bring nothing that even looks like a weapon.

Long live Democracy.

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Prepared by Peter G. Joseph, M.D. 

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