What a wild and successful ride the Colorado chapter had in 2018\2019! Our Executive leadership team, board and volunteers recognized the healthcare industry has undergone dramatic changes over the past few years and it was time for the chapter to evaluate and change how it provided value to our membership.

We started with a unique change to our conferences.  We moved our rural conference to the Front Range and expanded it into a regulatory conference that covered topics for all healthcare organizations.  We continued to serve our rural areas with workshops focused on Medicare reimbursement. Our Women in Leadership program expanded into a full day conference.  Our team wanted to understand what our healthcare organizations wanted to see provided in order to encourage their work groups to attend HFMA conferences.  Our Annual conference provided a great opportunity to engage Senior Financial Executives in a brainstorming network event to gain insights in value added topics and events.  The 2018\2019 HFMA Chairman, Kevin Brennan, highlighted this event and took part in these discussions.  We took the ideas from this session and incorporated these ideas into our planning for the 2019\2020 events.

All of the efforts to change and adapt to the healthcare industry proved very successful.  Our chapter gained recognition at the HFMA’s Annual conference held this past June with the following awards:

  • Excellence for Education (Bronze)
  • Certification (Bronze)
  • Education Quality (Gold)
  • Membership Growth (Silver)
  • Membership in Growth Target Market Segments (Platinum)
  • Four Yerger Recognition Awards
  • One Multi-Chapter Yerger Award