Week of July 1, 2019
These interesting facts provide you with a quick overview of interesting facts about this great holiday. How many of these facts are you aware of? Test your knowledge!
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The Myth About Guest Personalization--It Takes Two
If you ask just about any industry leader what the secret to consumer engagement and long-term loyalty is, their answer is sure to revolve around the concept personalization. In this digital age, where previously impenetrable barriers between brands and consumers cease to exist and convenience and transparency are the norm, consumers want to be known, understood and valued.
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Hospitality Financial Leadership--Engage Their Hearts and Minds
Getting your hotel leadership team excited about accounting is like someone thinking it’s fun to go to the dentist.
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Hotels Will Not Win the PR Battle Over Resort Fees
Resort fees mean guests pay more, pure and simple. If hotel companies want to charge them, fine, but don’t be surprised that guests don’t like them and other companies take advantage of that.
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What Diversified Airbnb Means for the Hotel Space
Following an acquisition and major investment, home-sharing platform Airbnb is starting to play hard and fast with the traditional hotel industry.
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Facebook Takes Action Against Misleading Healthcare Claims
Facebook's latest move to improve the trustworthiness of news feeds is to target sensational claims based on health benefits.
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ACA Insurers Remain Profitable Despite Policy Changes
Insurers selling individual plans continue to remain profitable despite policy changes that threatened to undermine the Affordable Care Act marketplaces. An analysis of insurers' first quarter performance in 2019 found carriers continued to remain profitable on average.
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Trump Has Blessed States' Exploration of Importing Drugs. Will It Catch On?
Seeking a solution to the soaring costs of drugs, Colorado, Florida and Vermont are making plans to import medications from Canada, where prescriptions are cheaper.
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10 Findings That Bust Common Medical Myths
Routine medical practices are not always supported by sound research, according to The New York Times. NYT outlined 10 common medical myths researchers disproved in a recent study published in eLife.
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But I'm in HR--What Do You Mean I Can Go to Jail?
Wage and hour laws. Child labor laws. OSHA laws. Immigration laws. When employers do not comply with these types of employment laws, civil charges and lawsuits are not the only thing that can happen.
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Pros and Cons to Internal Promotion vs. External Hiring
There are numerous factors hiring managers and other executives must take into account when making decisions for a new position. These include everything from defining a job description to creating a salary range and, of course, whether to bring in an external hire or promote an internal employee.
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Only Half of Employees Understand Their Benefits. Here's What HR Leaders Can Do About It
In an attempt to entice and keep top talent, organizations are anticipating employees' needs and offering more comprehensive benefits packages and perquisites to complement the salary and other financial compensation.
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SHRM 2019--Financial Wellness Benefits Employes Wants and Needs
Helping employees achieve and maintain financial wellness was a hot topic at the SHRM conference as employers continue looking for innovative ways to attract and retain top talent.
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