Spring is finally here! All of us at Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc & American Wire EDM wish you a Happy Easter  filled with fun and enjoyment.


Our 21,000 square foot Southern California facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machines operated by technicians who are unsurpassed in skill and experience.

Teamed with American Wire EDM , a leading EDM company with nearly 30 years' experience in this highly specialized field, we are equipped for any sized project, from a few pieces to tens of thousands, we're an unbeatable resource.
Prototype & Short-Run Services Inc.   is passionate about inspiring the next generation of Manufacturers. We hold an Open House for Manufacturing Day every October to show what and why manufacturing is important to us as a country, and to address a growing skill shortage despite the high volume of job openings in the sector. The article below helps to show why we hold our annual Manufacturing Day. By opening our doors, we're trying to open the minds of the next generation to a career in manufacturing.
Getting Young People Interested in Manufacturing Careers
"Domestic manufacturers’ desire to have more young people interested in applying for open positions within their ranks is no secret. The possibilities open to teenagers and 20-somethings in the U.S. manufacturing community are wide open, even if parents, guidance counselors, educators, and the young people themselves don’t immediately recognize it."

"For the most part, people with a connection to manufacturing know that these are the new glory days. In fact, the same U.S. perception survey reveals those with a high manufacturing familiarity are nearly twice as likely to encourage their children to pursue a manufacturing career than nonparents and those with low familiarity. Companies still have work to do in spreading the gospel about manufacturing if they want more young people to recognize them as an employer of choice instead of last resort."
-via thefabricator
We're here to help you with your next project. If there are ideas, topics, trends, information etc. you'd like us to cover in these newsletters, let us know - we want to hear from you. Stay tuned for our May newsletter.
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