"Success beyond adversity is the ultimate cure." - Brian Sheridan, Level Eleven founder
Level Eleven Physical Therapy:
Envisioning a world without limitations
Since 2009, it has been our pleasure working with Level Eleven Physical Therapy and their clients. Level Eleven has outpatient clinics in Grand Blanc, Saginaw and Howell, Michigan.

Level Eleven - now partnered with newly opened residential rehabilitation center, Dixie Lodge Living & Wellness - is perhaps one of the world's most unique, fully immersive, high-intensity rehabilitation centers.

The outpatient clinics and residential center are products of 25 years of personal and professional experience in catastrophic recovery.

Level Eleven's story is shared with us this month by content writer Rick Andrus, Operations Manager . Enjoy!
Since 2009
Level Eleven Physical Therapy was founded by Brian Sheridan in 2009.

Brian broke his neck while doing a back flip in gymnastics when he was 18 years old.

He says "I knew my vocation in life would revolve around helping other individuals with physical disabilities achieve a certain level of personal success. Combining Level Eleven with the opening of Dixie Lodge Living & Wellness has been my dream since seeing my first patient 17 years ago."
Connected Evolution
"What started as a modest 2,000 sq. ft. clinic in 2009 has evolved into 3 clinics occupying more than 3 acres and over 25,000 sq. ft. We began with a staff of just 3 employees, but now employ over 30.

"Starting with a small staff in a small space encouraged connectedness and the ability to get to know each client personally. it was a natural process of corporate evolution; we learned how to make ourselves, our patients, and ultimately our business, better."
Enriched Environments
"Level Eleven's unique brand of rehabilitation is rooted in the concept of enriched environments.

"Clinics are wide open spaced - both indoors and outdoors - with an abundance of natural light, music and colors. We present a wide variety of therapeutic tasks and activities and create a true sense of community between patients, their families and our clinicians.

"Such an environment makes therapy more engaging, enjoyable, and consequently, more beneficial."
Patients First
"At Level Eleven, nothing is more important than the patients we serve.

"We first take time to understand the patient's goals, and share a common goal of helping achieve their personal level of success..sometimes even beyond what they thought possible.

"Our distinct approach offers patients a place to not only get better, but thrive."
Rebuild, Restore, Recover
"Rebuild - Level Eleven begins treatment with a focus on rebuilding what has been lost, strengthening the body, increasing flexibility, and improving overall health.

"Restore - Experts at Level Eleven have learned the methods used in contemporary research to implement activity-based restorative therapies. Our goals move beyond what has been bench marked, effectively stimulating a paradigm shift in physical medicine and redefining the standard of care.

"Recover - Recovery means more than fixing a damaged brain, spinal cord, body part or disease process. Recovery is empowerment, recovery is independence, recovery is ambition. A successful rehab program does not fix a problem to change a function, it rebuilds, restores and recovers the human spirit to change a life."
Expert Approaches
"Level Eleven's therapeutic services do not begin and end at the clinics' doors.

"A truly comprehensive approach to rehabilitation focuses on long-term success by utilizing a network of resources.

"Level Eleven employees specialized therapies, unique equipment, and expert services to ensure each of our patients receives the highest level of care possible.

"During our growth, Level Eleven has discovered that while clinical expertise is paramount, having certain therapeutic tools can be an invaluable asset to clinicians and patients alike."
Valuable Equipment
"Level Eleven recognizes that straightforward, functional equipment is often as valuable - or even more valuable - that high-tech, exorbitantly expensive equipment.

"A great example of this is the Second Step Gait Harness System .

"During the therapeutic process, nothing is more important than patient safety and outcomes.

"The Second Step is a simple-to-use, yet highly durable device that comes with a very small learning curve.

"It places patients in a safe and controlled environment for gait training, while allowing the therapist to access and control the place of training.

"Patients feel safe and in control of their surroundings while performing tasks they might not otherwise be able to perform outside of the System.

"The therapeutic outcomes of such low-tech, overground, gait training exercises are as beneficial as any high-tech system."
Versatile Applications
" We loved how the same piece of equipment could continually be used throughout a client's progression of therapy.

"With the ability to adjust the GHSII , we could provide the appropriate amount of support and challenge they needed.

"Having the ability to continually progress a treatment plan in an effort to rebuild restore and recover is a huge advantage from one piece of equipment.

"The GHSII has also allowed our creative team to perform dynamic, fun exercises in a safe way.

"The Level Eleven team of therapists have utilized the GHSII to provide a safe support for clients to perform:
  • gait training
  • standing balance exercises
  • core and upper extremity strengthening exercises
Dixie Lodge Living & Wellness
"Our newest location in Grand Blanc is Dixie Lodge . This state-of-the-art facility has taken every aspect of environmental enrichment into account, with indoor and outdoor therapeutic spaces that provide a real-world therapeutic experience.

"Dixie Lodge is a 90-day catastrophic & spinal cord injury residential recovery program.

"It is intensive rehabilitation, immersive independent living with 24-hour personal care, counseling and peer mentoring, adaptive sports & recreation, comprehensive medical supply and equipment assessment and procurement, empowerment education, and the home of Level Eleven Physical Therapy's state-of-the-art rehabilitation center...all under one roof.

"Dixie Lodge is a spinal cord injury recovery university."
Press On!
"After sustaining an injury or disease process that affects your life, we must, as Calvin Coolidge said, "Press on!"

"Sometimes the outcome isn't perfection.We can get better even if that means discovering new ways of maximizing our potential. Each client needs to focus on your goals, and move relentlessly toward achieving your personal level of success. Although science has provided many cures, most of us must "press on" every single day with limitations that are not readily "fixed" by medicine. What's wonderful is that we can persist, we can achieve.

"Press On! Your rewards await you in a life of fulfillment and happiness."
- Brian Sheridan, Level Eleven founder
For more information on Level Eleven therapy clinics and Dixie Lodge residential recovery program, please contact:

Rick E. Andrus
Director of Operations
Level Eleven Physical Therapy  
10293 S. Saginaw St., Ste. O
Holly MI 48442
Phone: (810)810-7686
Fax: (810) 771-7685
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