Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc.  creates very precision prototype and short run parts utilizing  SCHMIDT Technology  Presses which provide the ultra-precision that we need. We use cutting-edge technologies and work with clients in their design stages to help them to create the perfect parts for their applications.
We’ve become a valuable resource to many of our clients in assisting them in testing and trouble shooting their new designs to make sure that by the time they get to the marketplace they're fool proof.
At  American Wire EDM , we specialize in EDM Hole Drilling. EDM hole drilling works on the same technical principles as wire EDM processing. However, instead of wire, EDM hole drilling uses an electrically-charged metallic electrode tool that works much like a traditional drill bit for hole machining.
The material being worked serves as the second electrode, and electrical discharge between the workpiece and the tool creates sparks that rapidly cut away material. There is no physical contact between the tool and the workpiece; therefore, no cutting forces are involved. This enables extremely high dimensional accuracy with no stresses and results in drilled holes with fine finishes that require no additional work to remove burrs or smooth the surface .
In this month's newsletter, we've also included a great article via Thomas Industry on, " Why Small & Mid-Size Manufacturers Need to Automate " as well as highlighting a talented new staff member. Our facility will be closed on Monday May 27th in observance of Memorial Day , we hope you and your family have a great Memorial Day. Enjoy the Newsletter!
We're pleased to introduce our new Production Manager, Mark Stevens. Mark is a NTMA Training Graduate and has been involved in the Wire EDM Industry for 36 years. He is a California Native, a father of two children, and enjoys the beach and softball. Mark joined
our talented team in April and will help take care of your Wire EDM needs.
Small and midsize manufacturers need to automate if they’re going to compete. That's according to industry insider Bob Doyle who discussed the state of the automation industry in a recent interview leading up to Automate 2019 in Chicago.

Doyle is the vice president of the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) as well as the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), which hosts the biennial show that is  moving to Detroit in 2021.

Doyle has not only seen small-and-medium sized companies become more successful after they invest in automation, but he’s watched as they hire more people to help with the growth.
We're here to help you with your next project. If there are ideas, topics, trends, information etc. you'd like us to cover in these newsletters, let us know - we want to hear from you. Stay tuned for our June newsletter.
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