How to use the Internet to increase sales
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October 2018
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Spam or no Spam?
red NO sign over spam can
Spam is defined as unsolicited bulk emails.

Most spam is easy to identify (Nigerian princes, performance enhancement devices, cheap Rx meds), but it can get tricky.

Here's a short quiz. Decide if the scenario is spam or not, and then click the link for the answers.

Take the quiz!

  1. You rented a mailing list of pet owners and sent a bulk email inviting those people to your church’s Blessing of the Animals. It's a noble mission and a nonprofit venture, so it's ok, right?
  2. You are in charge of your class reunion. The college has provided you a list of classmates’ emails. You email them with reunion details.
  3. You send email to your classmates on that reunion list about the exciting new product line you are selling.
  4. You received an email from someone promoting a business you don’t recognize. You want to unsubscribe but there is no link to do so.
  5. You come across a website of someone you’d like to do business with, maybe a possible referral partner. You send an email to the stranger
  6. Everyone on your mailing list has opted in, and your product is legitimate. Your email subject line reads: URGENT! Buy NOW. 110% guarantee!!!!
Don't look like a spammer
Here are two excellent articles with advice for avoiding looking like a spammer:

How to manage emails you don't want
Screen capture of footer showing unsubscribe link

Maybe you're not interested in sending bulk emails, but you're on the receiving end of way too many spam and promotional emails. What can you do to manage them? Here are some terrific suggestions.

Let me add one more suggestion: if you get an email from someone you've shared your email address with (such as me) and you're no longer interested in the content, don't mark it as spam. Simply click the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the email and you'll be removed from the list. It's that easy. And it keeps people like me whose only offense may be boring you from being lumped in with the scammers who seek to fleece you.
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