In this month’s Newsletter, we're showcasing our precision small hole drilling video , highlighting a staff member, and we've included an article we feel you will enjoy.
EDM Small Hole Drilling
Many metal materials are difficult or impossible to machine
without adding heat; with EDM hole drilling, these materials
can be worked with exceptional precision without applying heat.
EDM hole drilling is fast, effective, and can be used to machine
virtually any electrically conductive or heat-treated metal material.
Employee Spotlight
Bill McMahan is a member of Prototype's Quality Control Department. He's a graduate of QPE Technical Institute and has 13 years of QC experience in the automotive industry. Bill is a California Native, Eagle Scout, and father of two.
After Decades of Pushing Bachelor’s Degrees, U.S. Needs More Tradespeople

Article Featured on
An article from PBS News Hour highlights the continued  need  for skilled  tradespeople  the  US , and the benefits those jobs have for the
people that choose them.
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