Week of February 25, 2019
Without established salary ranges and salary structure, setting a salary can be like spinning the roulette wheel. Most companies have salary offer guidelines based on competitive market data and established salary ranges for positions.    
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U.S. Lodging Outlook Good through 2020, With Economic 'Blip' in 2021, Says CBRE
A favorable economic outlook will lead to continued growth in U.S. hotel revenues and profits through 2020. However, an economic slowdown in 2021 will cause a short-lived softening of lodging industry fundamentals that year.
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Shaking Up Your Marketing Strategy: How Millennials Are Shaping the Way Hotels Operate
As a hotelier, the process of (effectively) marketing to millennials might have initially presented itself as a rather daunting task. Just how much buying power and influence do millennials have?
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Companies Promote Flexibility, Style in Staff Uniforms
Companies such as Dream Hotel Group, Hilton and InterContinental Hotels Group are updating on-property uniforms to give team members flexible wardrobes that allow them to incorporate their individual personalities.
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Miraval Chief: 'Corporate Wellness is Exploding'
Two years ago Hyatt Hotels Corp. signaled a clear direction for the company with back-to-back acquisitions of Miraval Group, a wellness resort and spa operator, and Exhale, an urban-centric chain of studios providing boutique fitness classes and spa services.
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Top 3 Technology Trends Casinos Should Watch for at 2019 Oi Summit
Across the country, casinos and resorts are being disrupted by innovative, connected, "always-on" technologies. This disruption has been led largely by guest demand.
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The Perks and Pitfalls of Unlimited PTO
On paper, it’s an intriguing idea: Unlimited paid time off means no vacation banks or caps — workers take as much or as little vacation time as they see fit.
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How to Build and Maintain a Successful Employee Recognition Program
Implementing a successful employee recognition program can give your organization a decisive competitive advantage. Employee recognition has been shown to improve engagement, reduce turnover, increase productivity, and more.
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Effects of Overemployment Felt by Nearly Half of Employers
Experts and analysts have been talking about the low unemployment rate for quite some time while forecasting the consequent retention issues. 
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The Reference Check: How to Get Useful, Honest Info
Reference checks can be one of the most valuable tools for making an informed hiring decision – but, as you know, it’s often tough to learn anything from a contact besides employment dates, titles and salaries.
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