Week of April 15, 2019
Compensation can be defined as a reward earned by employees in return for their time, skills, effort, and knowledge. Compensation includes direct financial compensation, such as wages, bonus and commissions, indirect financial compensation... 
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Forget OTAs - Hotelier's Biggest Competitor for Direct Bookings Is Google
Over the last several years, we've seen Google become a major player in the travel industry. In the last six months in particular, Google has gone from search engine to booking engine, causing more than a few worried glances among those who rely on direct online bookings for revenue.
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Lessons for Hoteliers from Continuing Cyber Threats
As data thieves continue to target the hotel industry, an attorney at the 2019 Hospitality Law Conference shares takeaways from recent hotel data breaches.
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Price Wars--Impact and Value
Competition exists in every industry. Regardless of how niche a product/service you create, there will always be someone else who offers (or will eventually offer) something similar in the marketplace.
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Are You "Fully Committed?"
You've heard it all before. You've also said it to clients and customers: "I'm booked that day." "We don't have any availability." "We're full that week."
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Why an Eye for Instagram Is Essential
The web has had little respect for established industries: just ask mom-and-pop retailers about Amazon or local newspapers about Google News and Craigslist. Closer to home, ask the hospitality industry about Instagram.
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After Bernie's Tweet, United Health's CEO Describes 'Wholesale Disruption' of Medicare for All
UnitedHealth Group CEO David Wichmann said the health plan has long favored universal coverage but not through certain Medicare for All proposals that would eliminate the private insurer's role.
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Going Beyond the Portal
Portals must meet today’s healthcare consumers where most live: on their phones. Only 5-10% of patients interact with web portals, while up to 90% engage via messaging from texts or other mobile methods.
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Chronic Illnesses Will Play Even Bigger Role in Healthcare in Coming Years
Chronic medical conditions will hamper U.S. economic growth in the coming years by continuing to diminish productivity, contributing to early retirement and premature morality and draining resources and income for those affected and the larger system as a whole, according to a new report from Fitch Solutions.
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Industry Voices--How Tech Will Put Hospitals Out of Business
Internet 2.0, smart tech, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence—these are all the building blocks of our digital future. This digital revolution will touch everything—including the hospital.
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The Surprising Reason the Majority of Employees Are Ready to Quit Their Jobs
While work-related stress is nothing new, managers might be surprised to learn that the level of sustained stress their teams experience is leading to substantial business and turnover risks. According to new research, an astounding 63% of employees today report a desire to quit their jobs.
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Handling Sexual Harassment When the Offender's the Big Boss
How should you respond if an employee accuses one of your company’s leaders of sexual harassment? If a company executive (e.g., your boss) is accused of harassment, it can put you and your company in a very difficult spot.
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Positive Drug Tests Hit 14-Year High in 2018
Positive workforce drug-testing results hit a 14-year high in the U.S. in 2018 with a positivity rate of 4.4%, according to the findings of a Quest Diagnostics analysis released last week.
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The Emotional Intelligence Factor in Leadership Development
Would you like to improve your ability to manage your stress, relationships and emotions as a leader? Exploring our emotional intelligence (EI) provides us with an understanding of how to do just that.
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