Week of July 8, 2019
Oregon officially became the most inclusive law in the country, with respect to paid family and medical leave, when Governor Katy Brown signed the bill into law last week (July 1, 2019).  
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Vetting and Re-Vetting Your Hotel Budget
Vetting and re-vetting a budget requires nimbleness, creativity and collaboration—and the work carries over far after budget season ends.
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Service Excellence: Why Businesses Should Embrace it
A recent survey points out that as consumers value companies that provide great service, they're willing to reward or punish them with their pocketbooks. Why fostering a service excellence culture matters and how the quality of your customer service can make (or break) the bank.
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KPIs Every Hotel Executive Should Track Daily
Most hotel managers cannot tell you how their occupancy percentage for the last week compared to the prior 90 days without referencing some report. They think they have KPIs, but they really don’t because they aren’t using them effectively.
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Will Marriott Make a Dent in Home-Sharing?
Marriott International’s entrance into home-sharing signifies far more than just an acknowledgment of its mainstream acceptance. Yes, alternate lodging providers are here to stay, but when the big chains get involved, it should be taken with a slight sense of panic on their part that they are missing out on one of the biggest hospitality gold rushes to date.
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6 Takeaways from the ACA Hearing
A panel of judges heard oral arguments in a federal appeals court July 10 on the constitutionality of the ACA. The judges' decision could affect health insurance coverage for millions of Americans.
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Amazon Momentum in Medical Supply Chain Slows, Poll Finds
Providers are allocating a smaller percentage of medical supply purchases to Amazon this year compared to 2018, though they've increased the percentage of non-medical office supplies buys, perhaps because companies receive higher discounts in office than medical supplies from the e-commerce giant, a survey of hospital purchasing managers by UBS found.
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CMS Announces 5 New Payment Models Aimed at Kidney Care
The Trump administration Wednesday unveiled five new payment models aimed at transforming kidney care—including one that would be mandatory for some providers.
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Millennial Nurses Need Leadership That's a Break from the Past
Leadership styles that worked for Baby Boomers may not work for Millennials, and that includes on the nursing unit. A servant-leader model is much better suited to Millennial workers than authoritarian leadership models of the past.
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The Unintended Consequences of Raising Minimum Wage to $15
My wife, the kids and I went shopping over the long Fourth of July weekend. We stopped into Target for a few items—and ended up with more than we came for—and sped through the self-checkout line.
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Just How Important Are Career Development Tools?
New findings from Bridge Instructure and a Harris poll suggest that when their career development tools are either absent or lacking, employees are much more likely to leave for another company.
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As the Workforce Ages, Phased Retirement Grows
The classic retirement scenario used to involve an employee counting down to age 65. For many, that future now looks very different.
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Recruiting Experts' Top 9 Strategies to Hire the Best Talent
In a perfect world, HR pros like yourselves would take as much time as necessary to find that great hire. But the reality is, you have many more tasks than just hiring to focus on.
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