Week of July 15, 2019
Courts historically found a marijuana-positive drug test sufficient grounds to terminate an employee or refuse to hire someone; employers were safe to move forward without worrying about an individual being approved to use medical marijuana or if an employee was impaired at work.
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7 Insights Into Gen Z Travel Habits, Expectations
The time in which Generation Z will be impactful on travel is fast approaching, and new research from Booking.com highlights how many members plan to be active international travelers over the next decade.
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20 Hotels, 20 Days: What I Learned About Hotel Booking Technologies During My Travel Journal
Just a man, a bike, a penchant for travel, and a long journey ahead. Well, that might sound a tad cinematic, and I can’t make any claims to the cycling prowess of Tom Dumoulin or Eddy Merckx, but I did decide to head off on a bike-bound tour from Holland to Bordeaux in 20 days.
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The Future Is All About Total Revenue Management
Total Revenue Management is a much-discussed concept in hospitality, but it has produced a great deal of confusion. Put simply, it is the revenue management of all revenue sources in a hotel.
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Is it Time to Eat Resort Fees?
Tuesday was a rough day for Marriott International. First, the U.K. announced its intent to issue a US$124 million fine against the company in relation to the Starwood guest reservation database incident announced last November.
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Surprise Billing Legislation Saves $7.6B, Trims Premiums, Budget Watchdog Says
The sweeping Senate healthcare bill that tackles surprise billing and a number of provisions aimed at boosting transparency around provider-payer contracts would result in savings of $7.6 billion for the federal government over the next 10 years.
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Hospitals Hire 'Secret Shoppers' to Evaluate Care Quality
Hospitals are increasingly hiring "secret shoppers," or consultants pretending to be patients, to better evaluate the quality of care they provide, according to The New York Times.
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Industry Voices--4 Ways to Minimize Costs Through Safe Patient Handling
When thinking of dangerous jobs, fields like construction and manufacturing likely come to mind. But a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that hospital workers actually have a higher rate of injury and illness than workers in these industries.
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Alexa May Be Key to Amazon's Looming Domination of the Healthcare Market
Amazon announced its latest move in this direction last week by introducing a feature that allows British users of its Alexa digital assistant to ask for medical advice, with answers provided by Britain’s National Health Service.
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12 Considerations for Implementing Nontraditional Working Hours
The trend as of late has been to move away from standard working hours and adapt to a schedule that focuses more on productivity than hours worked.
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Performance Management Practices Aren't Working for Many Managers
Fifty-nine percent of managers and employees see little value in their organization's current performance management processes, a Betterworks survey found.
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Employers Likely to Notice Change After Acosta's Departure from DOL
U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Secretary Alexander Acosta’s announcement that he is leaving his post amid controversy over his role in a lenient plea deal for multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein is likely to bring a change in tone to the agency.
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Benefit Plan Options: Is More Better?
Workers tend to stick around longer if their employer offers a wide array of benefits. But the key is to provide the right kinds of benefits depending on the age make-up of the workforce, according to the Paycor report, “The HR Playbook: Reduce Turnover with Employee Benefits.”
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