Week of November 18, 2019
The National Labor Relations Board has extended the time to file briefs in addressing when employees lose the protections of the Act for using coarse or racially offensive language.
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The Pop-Up Wars: Why Personalization Matters
The home page is the single most important experience for consumers. It's a sacred space. It's your opportunity to tell your hotel's unique story.
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10 Tips to Improve Your Guest Experience Right Now
What is the role of the hotel GM? Two GMs share insights on what they do to improve the guest experience.
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This Hotel Aims for--and Reaches Peak Service
How does a hotel measure such a grandiose accomplishment as perfect team performance? Can this even be achieved? These questions were on my mind when I was invited for a recent quality assurance audit at the Boston Harbor Hotel.
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Expedia Tells Hotels Adding Resort Fees Will Lower Your Listings on Its Pages
Expedia Group’s stance on resort fees could have been drafted by a United Nations diplomat. Expedia doesn’t want to alienate hotels and seeks to pick up market share based on Booking Holdings’ more forceful position. But it’s hitting resort-fee-charging hotels right where it hurts — in the prominence of their listings.
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Medicare Improper Payment Rate Falling, But Up in Medicaid, CHIP
Fighting improper payments — which include not only instances of fraud and abuse but also inadvertent errors in claims — is a perennial problem for the government's healthcare programs. And CMS has announced new rules recently to combat the problem.
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Hospitals Give Report Cards a Taste of Their Own Medicine
The proliferation of different and sometimes contradictory hospital report cards is confusing patients. People want reliable information to make informed decisions about their care. Instead, they find a cacophony of contradictory reports and ratings.
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Health Care Experts Advocate for Value-Based System
THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM of the future must be value-based, industry experts agree. The question is: How quickly can the industry evolve?
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Healthcare Trends that Will Rock Medical Care in the 2020s
As healthcare enters the 2020s, a whole new range of technologies is emerging. In the last few years, technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality devices, and precision medicine have moved from experimental to capabilities that hold hope for improving medical care in the new decade.
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Emotional Support Clowns a Laughing Matter?
A New Zealand advertising agency employee recently made headlines after bringing an emotional support clown to his termination meeting. Sensing the writing on the wall, the man paid $200 to hire a professional clown to lighten the mood during a meeting notifying the employee of his layoff.
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Employee Appreciation Events Are Moving Beyond the Happy Hour
Americans wait a whole year to celebrate a holiday devoted to giving thanks, but their employers are increasingly looking for diverse ways to do so throughout the year.
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How a Former Google Employee's Salary Spreadsheet Inspired This New Movement
Transparency in pay is not just about aligning men and women’s salary, but creating equality for every employee in the workplace. It’s undeniable there’s a wage gap between genders, but disparity isn’t just a women’s issue or a race issue, it’s a national economic issue.
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5 Critical HR Skills Every Manager Needs to Know
You did it! You landed a great job as a manager and have a team under you to direct and grow. But it’s crucial for you to keep gaining and developing the skills you need to create great employees.
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