Week of April 29, 2019
Is your summer intern program ready to launch? A review of some important information will help to make your program a success. First, ensure your program is compliant with Department of Labor regulations regarding internships. 
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Marriott Unveils New Home-Rentals Brand
The world’s largest hotel company now has a home-rentals brand, with Marriott International launching its new Homes & Villas by Marriott International. The initiative currently contains more than 2,000 offerings in 100 destinations that it terms “premium and luxury homes.”
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Keep Your Eye on Airbnb
In a rapidly changing world, particularly with respect to digital technological advances, the lodging sector has often been reactive. The birth of OTAs and Airbnb were initially perceived as nonthreatening by many in the transient lodging sector.
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Hotel Technology Implementations and Self-Educating Solutions
The hotel industry has always tried to embrace change, whether it be technological, environmental or operational. However, the implementation of a new property management system…can be an incredibly painful experience.
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Welcome to Next-Generation Hospitality: Attribute-Based Booking, Tech-Led Services and Achieving Cult Status
As the number of air travelers continues to swell (IATA forecasts the number of air travelers will double to 8.2 billion by 2037), hospitality companies need to adapt to the ever-demanding hotel guest of the future.
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Walmart Has No Shelf Space for Hospitals' Shoddy Healthcare
If you want to witness one of the most compelling examples of healthcare "disruption" today, gather hospital and health system leaders in a room and hand a microphone to Lisa Woods, senior director of U.S. Health Care at Walmart.
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Civica Rx CEO Predicts 'Stampede' if Amazon's Haven Succeeds
Civica Rx CEO Martin Van Trieste is among the healthcare players cheering on Amazon's bid to disrupt the industry, noting the e-commerce giant's focus on the consumer experience and unwillingness to work within the status quo position it to succeed and be imitated.
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Healthcare Jobs Grow at Rapid Clip, But Wages Lag Amid Consolidation Boom
Healthcare employment is growing at a record pace, but wages remain stagnant, which some experts say likely results in part from the trend of consolidating health systems.
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Hospitals and Doctors' Offices Are Germ-Filled Cesspools
You go to the doctor to get well, but, unfortunately, their offices can be so infested with germs that they may make you sicker than you were upon arrival.
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Dept. of Labor Approves On-Demand Company's Gig Worker Arrangement
Service providers working for an unnamed virtual marketplace company (VMC) are independent contractors, not employees, according to an opinion letter from the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD).
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Rewards Matter: 4 Great Ways to Recognize Employees
Rewards matter. Sure, salary and benefits are key factors, too. But for any good employee, being recognized for effort is as important to them as their paycheck – with the added bonus that a well-planned employee recognition program boosts retention and productivity.
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Why You Should Upskill Your Employees Right Now
According to one study, 90% of employees believe employers are mainly responsible for upskilling their staff, but according to another study, 80% of employees believe that staying upskilled is their own responsibility.
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EEO-1 Pay Data Due Sept. 30
This is a key moment of clarity for employers looking to prepare their compliance efforts for EEO-1 reporting. The form consists of two components: a demographic survey and an employee pay data "snapshot."
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