Week of June 3, 2019
There are many types of background checks available to HR professionals that can be conducted in- house or externally by vendors who specialize in employment screenings. HR professionals should take a strategic view of onboarding as a process.
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How to Use the Marketing Mix to Maximize Customer Returns
In simple words, marketing is all about presenting the right offer in front of the right people, at the right time. You will hardly find any marketer who does not agree with this statement.
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Why Empowering Guests Should Be Every Hoteliers Top Priority
After using AI to analyze travel reviews, the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles discovered guests want to customize their breakfast, so they did away with the breakfast menu altogether and, now, allow guests to order precisely what they want every morning.
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Tragedy in Chile Points up Airbnb's Safety Shortcomings
Last week, six people died in Chile in an apartment they had rented via Airbnb. They were poisoned by carbon monoxide, which came from a heater that was not properly functioning. Airbnb did not take direct responsibility for the situation, according to a statement.
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Has the Relationship Changed Between Hotels and OTAs?
Hotels and OTAs both need each other. However, despite their fundamental interdependence, the relationship between the two has felt distinctly one-sided over the past decade of relentless OTA growth.
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Industry Cheers Spirit but Not Fine Print in HHS Interoperability Rules
More than 2,800 comments poured in on two wide-reaching HHS rules to promote interoperability and discourage information blocking in healthcare, with industry groups largely lauding the goal but not the means of achieving it.
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With 'Medicare for All' Up for Debate, JAMA Publishes First Pro-Single Payer Viewpoint in 15 Years
With more and more doctors open to the idea of “Medicare for All,” on Friday, JAMA published the first pro-single payer opinion piece in more than 15 years.
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Supreme Court Sides with Hospitals in Multibillion-Dollar Payment Dispute
In an opinion issued June 3, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that HHS improperly failed to undergo formal notice-and-comment rulemaking before announcing a new Medicare rate calculation for disproportionate share payments to hospitals.
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New Analysis Finds Recent RAND Study Misses the Mark
Last month, researchers at RAND released a  study  that made broad claims about the prices that private insurers pay hospitals. AHA immediately pushed back that the study relied on severely limited data and lacked the level of reliability that could make it useful to inform serious policy discussions or decisions.
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Start EX Early: Humanize the Candidate Experience
It’s easy to forget that every employee hired into your organization was once a candidate applying for a new job opportunity. These applicants chose your company over hundreds of others in the hopes of starting a new career journey. And it’s a jobseeker’s market today.
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3 Common FMLA Scenarios That Can Create Major Headaches
Even 26 years after its creation, employers still have difficulty knowing when to designate leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. If employers are covered and workers are eligible, they get 12 weeks of job protection in a 12-month period.
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Reskilling and Upskilling Becoming Bigger Talent-Management Priorities
Most people plan on working way past 65—and so HR leaders should consider stepping up their reskilling training program s to keep top talent at their own organization, according to Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report.
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Don't Wait for Permission to Lead Yourself
My father laid down the law when I was 12. “The right and responsibility of choosing a husband for you is mine,” he told me. “Don’t forget that.”
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