Week of October 28, 2019
There are three new law cases, impacting employers and business enterprises, that are on the docket of the Supreme Court this Fall.  These cases have been relatively ignored by the media and have the potential to greatly impact businesses.
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The Evolution of the Property GM and the Asset Manager
Even though a Granny Smith and a Red Delicious are both apples, each has a distinct taste and texture. Much like apples, general managers of managed and owner-operated hotels “fall” from similar “trees” yet deliver different experiences.
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Hotel Investors Proceed with Caution as Economic Outlook Shifts
With low unemployment rates and higher incomes, travelers booked trips more confidently in 2019. As a result, hotels across the country performed better this summer than in recent years.
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What to Consider for Your Renovation in 2020
Just because your hotel has a cushy star rating on TripAdvisor is hardly a reason to coast. The world is changing so fast nowadays – and with it, guest expectations – that if you aren’t constantly innovating then you risk getting left behind.
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An App for This, An App for That--Travel Edition
There is no better time to travel than right now. According to the US Travel Association's US Travel and Tourism Overview 2018, updated June 2019, US domestic travel increased 1.9 percent in 2018 to a total of 2.3 billion person-trips.
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5 Ways Your Hotel Can Cater to Multigenerational Travelers
Are you here for business or pleasure? It’s the question most hotel booking sites ask their guests before they arrive.
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Health Care Providers Are Hiring the Wrong People
In his 2004 bestseller, “Moneyball,” Michael Lewis wrote “What begins as a failure of the imagination ends as a market inefficiency: when you rule out an entire class of people from doing a job simply by their appearance, you are less likely to find the best person for the job.”
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For-Profit Systems Embrace Graduate Medical Education to Meet Demand for Primary Care Physicians
Historically, for-profit health systems avoided graduate medical education (GME) programs based on the perception that teaching hospitals were costly and inefficient, and the required academic credentials were unachievable for community-based hospitals, which comprise a significant portion of for-profit systems.
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CMS: More Hospitals Will Get Value-Based Purchasing Program Payment Bonuses in FY2020
More hospitals will get payment bonuses under the Trump administration’s value-based purchasing program in federal fiscal year 2020 than a decline in payments, according to new figures.
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It's Time for Hospitals to Start Investing in Compassion
Every year, hospitals must determine how they want to prioritize their spending. Most have to consider goals such as increasing patient loyalty, attracting new patients, strengthening brand perception, managing risk, decreasing turnover and increasing their bottom line.
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In the Age of Legal Week, New Breath Tests Show Promise for Employers
Employers have never had accurate drug testing options to determine when an employee might have ingested marijuana and, therefore, if they are likely to still be impaired.
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4 Tips for Developing a Workplace Full of Critical Thinkers
According to research and studies, employers have been wanting to hire employees with advanced critical thinking skills for years, but it seems that many employees don’t have the necessary critical thinking skills.
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Employees Prize Leadership Training Above Other Learning
Employees are most interested in management and leadership training, according to a new study from PayScale, followed by professional certification and technical skills training.
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3 Ways to Identify the Best Person for the Role
In order to meet candidate expectations of consumer-grade technology in the recruitment process, organizations are making it simpler and easier to apply for roles. On average, a job opening receives an overwhelming 250 applications.
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