Week of February 17, 2020
Employee engagement levels are at their highest in years! The Gallup Organization has been measuring levels of employee engagement since 2000.
What Makes Revenue Managers Lose Sleep?
Revenue management helps hoteliers achieve the highest profits by identifying the most relevant market segments and offering them the right products and services at the ideal time.
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Forbes Travel Guide Unveils Its 2020 Star Award Winners
Forbes Travel Guide scoured everywhere from the Spanish Colonial Revival-style buildings of Santa Barbara to the sparkling waters of the Seychelles to find its 2020 Star Award winners, an elite group of the world’s most luxurious hotels, restaurants and spas.
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Luxury Hotels and a 'Sense of Place': The Branding Imperative
'Sense of place' has long been a buzz phrase. Linked to a range of disciplines from urban planning to sociology, nowadays it is increasingly being used in the hospitality industry.
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Are Forbes Ratings Still the Industry's Academy Awards?
The Forbes Travel Guide on Wednesday announced its 2020 star rating award winners, which remain a big and highly publicized honor inside the industry. My questions: How much do they matter to consumers, and for how much longer will they act as a vehicle to drive business?
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Former Hospital CEO: To Make Progress on Healthcare, Let's Change the Debate
As we now head into the 2020 election, healthcare has emerged as a principal focus of policy discussion. Like the weather, it affects all of us, we complain about it, and yet somehow seem unable to do anything about it.
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Helping Emergency Departments Operate as Intended: For Emergencies
U.S. emergency departments (EDs) nationwide are often overburdened by a high volume of patient visits, resulting in lengthy wait times. This can be especially harmful for those most urgently in need of care.
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Last Year Saw 19 Rural Hospitals Close, Most in Nearly a Decade
Last year was the worst for rural hospitals closures since a crisis for their stability began in 2010 as 19 rural facilities closed, bringing the number that have shuttered in the past 10 years to 120, according to a report from The Chartis Center for Rural Health.
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Top Trends to Look for in Healthcare in 2020
Healthcare consumers continue to pay more and more toward their out-of-pocket healthcare costs, driving a shift away from volume-based compensation models toward outcomes-based payment arrangements. By all accounts, meaningful consumerism in the healthcare market is rapidly emerging.
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Employees Say 2020 Election Talk Has Them Avoiding Co-Workers
More than a third of employees (36%) responding to a recent Gartner survey said the topic of the 2020 U.S. presidential election has led them to avoid talking to or working with a co-worker because of their political views.
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Preventing Workplace Violence: How Can Employers Help?
Preventing workplace violence is a high priority. Obviously, no one wants an unsafe workplace. While there’s no way to ensure violence never happens, there is a lot employers can do to try to prevent workplace violence from occurring.
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How 200 Managers Approach One-on-One Meetings
One-on-one meeting agenda app, Soapbox, recently surveyed over 200 managers to learn how they conduct one-on-one meetings with their teams. Turns out, regardless of seniority, role or department, there were many common threads around how these managers approached one-on-one meetings.
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Disrupt from Within: 3 Ways HR Can Spur Employee Innovation
Stories of disruption typically fall somewhere in the tradition of David vs. Goliath. That is: A small, nimble and clever startup unseats an unsuspecting industry giant. Look no further than Netflix vs. Blockbuster, Airbnb vs. traditional hotel chains, or even Wikipedia vs. Encyclopedia Britannica.
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