Week of February 24, 2020
Many business owners find it to be a huge challenge to attract and retain a group of talented and hardworking employees that are loyal to the company and its mission. Finding high caliber employees with advanced skills to complete important jobs within a company is a challenge that not only exists in today’s marketplace, but one that business owners have had to navigate for years. 
How a Hotel Concierge App Can Make Guests Happier (And Help Achieve Your Business Goals)
Why do leading hotel chains invest huge sums of money in branded applications for their guests and personnel? It is something that makes the life of hoteliers much easier and helps them lift the quality of services to a new level, and, as a result, achieve higher profitability.
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Service Sells: The Psychology of Service Recovery in Hospitality
Consumer psychology is a fascinating thing. Brands across industries harness the deeply rooted needs, desires, and even fears of the public to sell things that, in some cases, we simply don’t need.
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Getting Your Team to Zero--Waste, That Is
Zero waste might not be a reality yet in hospitality, but many hotels are taking steps to lower their carbon footprint through a mix of strategies, from the lobby to the guest room and all points in between.
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Tablets are the Command Center of the Hotel Room--Not Apps, Not TVs
Five years ago, Hotel News Now took out its crystal ball and made some trend predictions for 2020. One prediction dealt specifically with the guestroom. According to the 2020 Hotel Trend Report, "guests will be able to control temperature and lighting from their tablet."
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HHS Officials Warn of Medical Supply Shortages Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
With the novel coronavirus rapidly spreading to communities around the world, including 53 confirmed cases in the U.S., HHS officials raised alarm Tuesday on a potential shortage of personal protective equipment, which includes respiratory masks and ventilators.
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12 EHR Implementations That Cost Over $100M
Implementing a new EHR can generate big time costs for hospitals and health systems, with some spending hundreds of millions to even more than a billion dollars on rollouts.
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These Are the Most Disruptive Companies Shaking Up Healthcare
Healthcare executives are keeping their eyes on Amazon. And given the tech giant's expanding reach in healthcare, that's not too surprising.
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The top 5 Technologies That Will Change Health Care Over the Next Decade
The past decade was about the rise of digital health technology and patient empowerment. The next decade will be about artificial intelligence, the use of health sensors and the so-called Internet of Healthy Things and how it could improve millions of lives.
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NLRB's New 'Durable' Rule Restores Old Definition of Joint Employment
The National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) long-awaited final rule on joint employment sets an employer-friendly tone as it returns to an old standard on what constitutes joint employment under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The Board issued its final rule on February 26, and it is to be effective April 27.
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Tech Is Integral to HR Services, But Adoption Hurdles Remain
When it comes to employee benefits, confusion and underutilization remain a constant hurdle for employers. In fact, about one-third of employees either know nothing about or don't fully understand their healthcare coverage, according to 2019 Maestro Health research.
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Future of work: We Can't All Become Coders
The future of work is changing rapidly. Artificial intelligence is changing the workplace. Slowly it is displacing humans on manual tasks. More importantly, in the next decade, even some knowledge-based jobs will be replaced by innovation.
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Cutting Through the Haze of Marijuana in the Workplace
A tremendous gray area surrounds the legalization of marijuana and its impact on the workplace. Proskauer attorneys say employers should ensure the structure and enforcement of their workplace drug policies comply with state and federal law and clearly convey any workplace drug requirements to employees.
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