Week of January 20, 2020
Shortly before Christmas, the National Labor Relations Board reestablished the right of an employer to restrict employee use of its email systems to business use only, if it does so on a nondiscriminatory basis
Will OTAs Change How They List Hotels that Charge Fees?
Short of eliminating resort fees completely, a more serious impact on a hotel’s finances in the transparency debate could come from online travel agencies, which receive a commission only on the hotel rate, not on the fees themselves.
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Travel Trends to Expect in the New Decade
Not only have we recently rung in a new year, we’ve also be welcomed a new decade. It’s a time to not only place bets for the years ahead, but for a retrospective to show how far our industry has come.
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4 Ways the Google Assistant Interpreter Will Drive Guest Satisfaction Scores, Boost Loyalty
2019 is the year of "experiential travel," with guests demanding more seamless, personalized and transformative stays. With the travel industry already achieving 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide, hoteliers need to address the most basic hospitality principle - hotel-to guest and guest-to-hotel communication.
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Are You Implementing Panic Buttons?
Like any new technology you decide to setup in your hotel, it’s never easy. Recently, I’ve overseen the installation of an ESD (emergency safety device) solution for a property and its housekeeping team.
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U.S. Medical Specialty Society Prescribes Universal Healthcare Coverage as Cure for Country's Health System
The country’s largest medical specialty society Monday said it’s time for the U.S. to transition to a healthcare system that achieves universal coverage for everyone. The American College of Physicians (ACP), the second-largest physician group in the U.S. representing 159,000 internal medicine doctors, said the country could achieve universal coverage through two approaches.
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Hospital Monopolies Are Making Us Poorer and Sicker
Hospital consolidation in America has been contributing to higher costs, and a new report says it’s also likely a major cause of an overall decline in health care quality.
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Supreme Court Won't Rule on Obamacare Before Election Day, Declines to Fast Track
The Supreme Court declined Tuesday to put the legal challenge to Obamacare on a fast track, meaning the court — even if it later decides to take up the case — will not hear it during its current term that ends in June just as the presidential campaign heats up.
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297%: The Average Difference Between Highest, Lowest, Outpatient Charges, Study Says
Nationally, the difference between the lowest and highest gross charges for individual outpatient procedures in the U.S. averaged 297 percent, according to a study from consulting firm Crowe.
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Understanding Disability Disclosure
As an HR manager, it is critical that you make a place for people with disabilities in your workplace. That includes remaining compliant with federal and state regulations, creating a welcoming company culture, engaging in interactive accommodation processes, and so much more.
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How to Create a Learning Culture in the Workplace
Creating a learning culture in the workplace is all about fostering an environment that empowers people to pursue knowledge. This is important for individual evolution, but it’s also important for the growth of a company as a whole.
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Gartner: HR Is Struggling to Develop Future Leaders
HR leaders are struggling to develop solid leadership talent, which may derail an organizer's larger strategies, according to a new report from Gartner, Inc. Based on a survey of 2,800 HR practitioners, Gartner found that a third surveyed struggled with developing future senior leaders and 45% struggled with filling mid-level management positions.
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How to Write Job Descriptions that Attract Millennials
Of course, you want to create a job advertisement that accurately reflects what your need. But does the ad always meet the needs of your target audience?
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