Week of October 14, 2019
Mergers and acquisitions are extremely challenging and even chaotic events. Therefore, it is critical that everyone involved has a clear understanding of their role in the process. 
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Taking a Pulse on Hotelier Confidence in Economic Cycle
Members of the Lodging Industry Investment Council shared their thoughts on where they are in the current economic cycle, as well as on ways to cut costs, and mergers and acquisitions.
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10 Items to Include in Your Hotel Marketing Budget
Now is the time to ask for funds for your 2020 hotel marketing budget. Here are some must-have digital marketing items to include and how to think through that process.
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"Localization" Starts with the Local Guest
When I read about ”localization” for hotels today, I hardly find the local guest mentioned. It’s about local food, local artists, local wines, but not about humans.
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What will Happen when Amazon Starts Selling Hotel Rooms?
If there’s one aspect of human behavior to never underestimate, it’s our gravitation towards convenience. Streaming on Netflix is far easier than flipping through the channels, while buying off the internet with home delivery is a huge timesaver compared to venturing out to physical stores.
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MGM Resorts Sells Circus Circus, Bellagio on Las Vegas Strip
MGM Resorts International announced the sale Tuesday of two casinos that will significantly alter its portfolio of Las Vegas Strip properties and offer up cash.
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Hospital Medicare Bad Debt Payments Projected to Be Cut by $5.7B Between 2013 and 2029
Medicare payments for bad debt are projected to reduce federal reimbursement to hospitals by $5.7 billion by 2029, according to a report released Oct. 15 by the health economics consulting firm Dobson | DaVanzo and Associates.
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Tampa General, OnMed Launch Telehealth Station that Can Diagnose Patients
Busy hospital staff can't always take hours out of their day to visit a doctor about minor problems like a sinus infection or a skin rash. Staff at Tampa General Hospital (TGH) now have a new way to access instant healthcare services via a self-contained telemedicine station located inside the hospital.
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Here Are All the Areas in Health Care Amazon Could Look to Expand to, According to One Analyst
“We think there are a lot of opportunities for Amazon in the health-care space,” Loop Capital Markets’ Anthony Chukumba says. The retail analyst says Amazon could grow its revenue by $72 billion through further health-care expansion.
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Medscape RN/LPN Cmpensation Report, 2019
Medscape conducted a survey among nurse members this year between June 6 to August 26, 2019—a total of 7,145 nurses participated in the study.
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The Secret to High Performing Employees? Focused and Frequent Conversations
Frequent conversations, done well, drive better performance-related interactions between managers and employees, and increase employee engagement.
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Employees Think HR Is Ineffective, Finds New Survey
Policy enforcers, company watchdogs, the people responsible for firing workers—HR professionals get a bad rap, and new survey findings reveal that employees don’t hold this department in high regard.
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49% of Employees in New Poll Quit to Escape a Bad Boss
Nearly half the employees in a new Robert Half (RH) poll said they quit their job because of a bad boss. Young professionals, ages 18 to 34, were more likely to leave a bad-behaving boss than older respondents…
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9 Signs Ageism Has Infiltrated Your Organization
Even as the U.S ages—by 2029, 20 percent of the population will be older than 65—many companies are engaging in subtle and not-so-subtle ways to make themselves seem more “modern” and “cutting edge.”
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How Human Resource Leaders Can Create and Maintain Better Employee Experiences
In our highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment, a company’s ability to disrupt and lead rests on its talent.
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