Week of October 21, 2019
Emotional Intelligence is about an individual’s ability to recognize and understand emotions and how it impacts their behavior and attitudes. Individuals who have a high degree of emotional intelligence are more in tune with their own emotions as well as the emotions of others. 
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Five Generations in the Workforce
Like many others industries, lodging is witnessing the extraordinary phenomenon of five generations coexisting in the workforce .
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Twelve Fundamental Lessons from the Cruise Industry
As a hotelier, in particular with luxury properties, I have accrued a high standard for service excellence garnered from hundreds of stays across the globe over the past four decades in the industry, and the cruise met all expectations.
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Mobile Devices and Their True Impact on the Hotel Industry
The next time you leave your home, take a look around you. As you scan your surroundings, I want you to look for a common theme; what do most passerby's have in common?
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Why Independent Hotels Will Continue to Rise
Independent hotels are well-positioned to capitalize on a growing consumer appetite for experiential destinations and one-of-a-kind moments. Enduring soft brands like Preferred Hotels & Resorts are now taking advantage of this shift by tapping their 50-plus years of experience delivering for consumers…
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10 'Best Hospital Cities' in the U.S.
Boston has the best overall hospital ecosystem of any city in the U.S., according to an analysis by Medbelle. To identify the "best hospital cities" in the U.S. and the world, Medbelle compared cities on 12 metrics.
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47% of Hospital Leaders Say Salary Increases Are Top Expense Pressure
Forty-seven percent of hospital executives said that rising salaries and wage inflation are putting the most pressure on their organization's efforts to cut expenses.
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The Unique Analytics and Reporting Needs of Hospitals
Hospitals, despite ongoing convergence between various healthcare stakeholders, still stand apart in their unique reporting needs and particular financial concerns.
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FTC to Probe Impacts of State Antitrust Protections for Local Hospital Mergers
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued orders to five health insurance companies and two health systems seeking data to study the effects of state-level regulatory approvals known as certificates of public advantage (COPAs) that protect local hospital mergers from antitrust scrutiny.
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How to Give Advice So People Will Listen
Three factors influence whether people will take your advice. First, advice that is costly (obtained from professionals) is given more weight, especially when the issue at hand is complicated.
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How to Hire and Win the War for Talent
The term “war for talent” has been thrown around for decades to underscore the challenges of retaining and attracting talented individuals in a dwindling pool of recruits, but an often overlooked concept among most businesses is that there is not a shortage of skills, but that businesses don’t recognize where to look when hiring.
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Don't Let Halloween Haunt Your Workplace: How to Manage the Holiday's Risks
Summer is behind us, the leaves are changing color, and many workplaces are planning end-of-the-year holiday parties… but the festivities — and attendant risks — of Halloween should not be overlooked when looking ahead to the close of the year.
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Should You Make a Counteroffer When an Employee Leaves
When an employee comes to you with the news that he or she has gotten a competing job offer and is about to give his or her notice and take the new job, what is your reaction?
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