Week of September 23, 2019
An independent contractor is an individual who does work for another individual or company but is not an employee of the firm that is paying them. These individuals need to abide by a series of laws and regulations in their business transaction—following both federal and state-level directives.
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How to Safeguard Your Hotel from OTA Under-Cutting
There was a time when transparency and trust were undoubtedly the pillars of a successful partnership. OTAs were, in the last decade, valuable partners for hotels and responsible for a more efficient distribution.
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How Gamification Can Help Hoteliers Keep Employees Engaged and Improve Their Business
The key to developing a more engaged and skilled staff may be a little fun and games. Instead of simply teaching housekeeping staff what a clean room is supposed to look like, one hotel shows new employees two pictures: one of a room that’s spotless, and another of one with noticeable imperfections.
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The Risks in Relying Solely on Guest Reviews
In today's world, everybody seems to have an opinion about the quality of hotels and there is no shortage of avenues for voicing those opinions.
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2019 Radical Innovations in the Hospitality Industry
Each year, the Radical Innovation Awards select a group of professionals to represent the unique and radical transformations occurring in the hospitality industry. This year, the board selected six finalists — three professionals and three students — from across the world.
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CMS Finalizes Medicaid DSH Cuts, But Congress Could Still Delay
CMS on Monday finalized a rule with cuts to disproportionate share hospitals as classified under Medicaid that would reach $4 billion next year and $8 billion a year through 2025.
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Walmart Unveils Plan to Build Healthcare Workforce: 5 Things to Know
As Walmart pushes deeper into healthcare, the retail giant is rolling out education benefit programs to help its employees prepare for new jobs.
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What Cybercriminals Steal When They Hack Hospitals, New Study
When hospitals have access to your electronic medical record, you get better care. Depending on what you’re admitted for, readily available digital health information could be the difference between life and death.
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1 in 5 Surgeons Plans to Retire Early Due to Physical Toll, Survey Finds
At the same time that the country faces a predicted shortage of physicians, one in five surgeons plan to retire early because of the physical toll of their work, a new survey reveals.
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DOL Finalizes $35K Overtime Threshold
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced today it will publish a final overtime rule, setting the minimum salary threshold for overtime eligibility at $35,568.
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1 Thing You Can Count On in the Hiring Process: Bias
Biases are like noses: We all have them. They impact our personal and professional lives, and despite attempts at avoiding biased decisions, we’re often unaware of our own biases, as many are unconscious. This is particularly problematic during the hiring process.
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13 Common Human Resources Complaints (And How Companies Can Deal with Them)
Human resources departments see their share of problems come into their report stack. Some of them are unique in how they present themselves, but the great majority of these complaints likely falls into an easily defined category.
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6 Open Enrollment Trends to Expect Among Large Employers
Employees of many large organizations can look forward to more options within their health plans this open enrollment season, according to data from two surveys conducted by the National Business Group on Health.
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