How to use the Internet to increase sales
Momentum Matters
March 2018
In my last newsletter, I asked what content would interest you. You responded with requests for tips for using iOS and Facebook. I hope you find these helpful---your feedback is always welcome.
iOS tip of the month
Get instant flight status
Flying out of New England to escape the next snowstorm? Check your flight status on your iPhone in a jiffy.

On your iPhone or iPad, swipe down from the middle of the Home screen to display the search field. Then enter your flight number to get up-to-the-minute status.
Quick: name 3 uses for
email marketing that don't involve sales

I've been asked to explain email marketing and Constant Contact, so here goes:

What's email marketing?
Email marketing encompasses many forms of communication sent via email---and not all sales related.

Email marketing is the most successful advertising tool for small business, as well as the most cost-effective, with an ROI of 4000%.

A business might use email marketing to
  • announce business changes and new hires (meet your new account rep)
  • ask for referrals
  • remind customers (schedule annual boiler maintenance, update your will, review your insurance policies)
  • share advice and tips (how to lower your energy usage)
  • update customers and clients (what impact does the new tax law have on you or your business?)
  • conduct surveys (how can we better serve our customers?)
  • offer discounts (coupons and other promotions)
  • and yes, sell services and merchandise

For non-profits, email marketing might include
  • requests for donations
  • announcements of fundraising events and event registration
  • updates to donors, volunteers, members, and service recipients

What's Constant Contact?
Constant Contact is the service provider I use to send out this email and the email campaigns I create for my clients. Constant Contact lets me design and edit mailings (newsletters, announcements, surveys, and more), maintain mailing lists, and track the success rate of mailings, all while complying with anti-spam laws.

I'm a Constant Contact Business Partner, a status that lets me provide my clients with exceptional service as well as promotional discounts.

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Facebook tip of the month
Do you know that you can have a separate Facebook page for your business or nonprofit? Your business Facebook page keeps your private life separate from your business---and you don't have to be bothered approving "friends." Anyone can see your public Facebook business page.

We can set up this page for you and enhance it with a variety of services. For example, we can add a button so people can subscribe to your mailing list directly from Facebook. We can also schedule a week's (or month's) worth of posts in advance so you are always active on Facebook without being glued to your keyboard.
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