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December 2012
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2012 Best eReader
New Cover Art Specs
For Immediate Release
From the Desk of Debi Gordon
  From the Desk of CEO 
Deborah E. Gordon


It's All About Being Flex.



...It's not like yoga flexible or Zumba flex...



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  May Your Days be Merry and Bright!  


As the holidays knock at our doors and the year draws to a close, please allow all of us at First Edition Design Publishing to wish you, your families and friends a joyous holiday season and prosperity in the New Year! 


Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All.  




What's the Best eReader for 2012


Trying to decide which eReader to give as a gift?


Here's a review of the top models for this year.


Check it out.   

Kobo Glo
The Kobo Glo is among the
 new models for 2012


Click HERE



-- Philip Decker
Asst. Editor, FEDP



How to Give an eBook as a Holiday Gift 

    It's easy.


eBooks...the reading gift you don't have to wrap.
eBooks... the gift you don't have to wrap.


Want to fill an eReader or tablet with gift eBooks?


Here's how...


Click Here.





-- Jessica Renfrow
Client Support Services, FEDP


New Cover Art Specs  - High Def


Most online retailers have changed their art cover specs to meet the growing demand of HD Tablets / PADS / READERS

Effective January 2012, Only Hi-Res graphics will be accepted.


As an example, Apple is only accepting book cover art for the iBookstore with dimensions of 1200 x 1800 and 100 DPI. These changes have been put into place to accommodate tablet readers (iPad etc.).


Apple iPad Hi Def
New book cover art needed for new HD iPads

As of now, Apple and all other retail sites have not begun to kick any of the previously submitted eBooks out of their stores with the former cover size. If you are a FEDP client with an eBook that is with us in its second year (or longer) and you have chosen our Optional eBook Renewal, which allows you ongoing maintenance, your eBook will be upgraded to the new specs automatically.


All eBooks in their first year, and all new submissions, will be set to the new size. There is no additional charge for this service on these eBooks and your first year of maintenance is covered with your initial submission.


Please note - if you are out of your first year maintenance period and have not paid for the optional renewal - your book may be dropped or not available to those using HD Tablets / PADS / READERS. If you chose to do a NON_RENEWAL and would like to RE_NEW please send an email to support@firsteditiondesign.com and request your account be updated and a new invoice will be emailed to you. 


-- Karen Mersinger

  Distribution Agent, FEDP



For Immediate Release!
Press Release


It's never too late to send out a press release as the excerpt below from our Marketing T.I.P.S. booklet shows. If you have already sent a release out about your book, you can extend your promotions by putting out a release about the news of awards or accomplishments that your book has produced. Editors love human interest stories. Our Marketing TIPS includes 27 tips on how to market your book. It comes free with every book order at First Edition Design Publishing.


A press release is something to think about for your marketing plans in the coming New Year. 


 -- Tom Gahan

Marketing Director, FEDP


A word about self-promotion. Some authors are

uncomfortable about self-promotion. Believe it or not,

nobody can promote yourself better than you can.

Unless you are ready to hire someone to promote your

book, which can be extremely expensive, it's up to you.

Nobody else is going to believe in your book more than

you do. If you are squeamish about self-promotion; get

over it. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.


Let the world know about your book! If they don't

know the book exists - how are they going to buy it?


A world-wide press release is a good start. Remember,

people will only order your book if they know it exists,

what it's about and where to buy it.


A press release posted at on-line news sources makes your

story available to reporters and editors everywhere. You may also want to send a copy of your press release to your local radio and news sources.


When is the best time to release the Press Release? Wait

at least 60 days to ensure your book has been listed

across the greatest number of distribution venues. Your

book will be listed within a week at most venues,

however it can take 60 days or even a little longer to be

listed at all of them. Why should I wait? The fastest

way to lose a sale is if someone goes to buy your book

and it is not listed. They will not necessarily go

elsewhere. Readers like to buy their books where they

feel comfortable. That can be any one of thousands of

places. So just be patient and give it a little time.




A press release is perhaps the most efficient, most

economical way of advertising your book. Newspapers

as well as radio and television outlets pick up press

releases easily and frequently because they need news

to fill their empty slots. Media outlets also need to

inform and entertain their audiences. Therefore, the

more unique and interesting your press release

presentation, the more likely it will be attractive to

media people. Thus, chances of getting your

information published will be increased dramatically.

When a press release is done through First Edition

Design Publishing, it becomes a permanent footprint in

the virtual world. The search engines, such as Google,

Yahoo and Bing will house your release forever. A press

release sent out will reach all major search engines and

over 25,000 journalists and bloggers. Our press releases

will let the world know that your book is available

everywhere - in over 100 countries and over 100,000


  •  First Edition Design Publishing offers a professional press release writing and distribution service. We send news about your book to over 200 on-line outlets and editors.


From the Desk of Deborah E. Gordon 
CEO, First Edition Design Publishing 
Deborah E. Gordon_CEO
CEO Deborah E. Gordon




Adaptation is a big part of survival. In business, changing to meet current demands is key for continued existence and growth. Being flexible has served us well at First Edition Design Publishing. It's not like yoga flexible or Zumba flexible. "To offer choices, listen to our client's needs, and offer solutions that work," has long been our motto.  We've managed to develop our listening skills to hear our client's needs, work outside of the box and produce choices and products that work. Sometimes it's not easy. We've learned to bend where we can and have come to realize--flexibility in business, just as in life, has a benefit. And in the long run... it reduces stress.


Bending over backwards to meet client demands can take a little more time and patience. But there too, the end result is worth the effort. Again, the benefit of ending up with satisfied clients far outweighs the struggle.


We are happy to listen, bend, and be flex for you. You have helped to make us what we are and I thank you. I wish you a wonderful holiday and a spectacular New Year.


Have a great day! 




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