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Greetings, and welcome to our inaugural Students for Justice newsletter!

We’re very excited to update you about all that’s been going on at Students for Justice, the internship program that we created just a little over a year ago, and hope you’re inspired to read on. (Click here to read the story of how Students for Justice was founded.)

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Last month, we welcomed our FOURTH cohort of paid college interns! These 38 students represent 12 different colleges with more than half of them hailing from historically Black colleges and universities in Virginia and North Carolina. Our targeted recruitment efforts allow us to train political organizers in states where extreme voter suppression laws have taken hold and where the battle for voting rights will be paramount in the coming years.
Students for Justice works to increase voter turnout in rural communities of color where it matters (think Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina). At the same time, we educate and engage young people so they become ambassadors for voting both now and in the years to come. Check out how the internship program has created a lasting effect on some of our interns:
Our fall interns are focused on getting out the vote in Virginia where the governor and the entire legislature are on the ballot this November. Interns work in teams of five, each led by an intern team manager promoted after doing excellent work in a previous session. The teams are focused on voter outreach through postcarding, text banking, phone banking, on-the-ground voter registration, and creating social media campaigns targeted at young people and communities of color. Each intern is also required to recruit volunteers on their college campus to multiply these efforts. Since Virginia is now considered a swing state with low voter turnout, voter mobilization will be critically important and is an opportunity for our interns to make a real difference in the election results.

We are also incredibly fortunate to be engaging 38 adult volunteer mentors who are working one-on-one with our interns. Our mentors are an impressive lot, coming from all over the country and bringing with them real-world experience across many professions. They lend their experience by helping to model job skills, sharing career advice, and providing lots of encouragement to our young democracy advocates!
Want to make a difference?
The on-going success of the internship program has been made possible by the COVID-friendly fundraising we’ve been doing, with more than 20 virtual house parties held this past spring (thank you to our AMAZING house party hosts for pulling their friends together on Zoom to learn more and help raise funds for these paid internships!) Click here to attend, host, or learn more about a house party.

Stay tuned to hear more from our interns in future newsletters!

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