December 2018 Newsletter
Dear Friends,

As more consumers seek transparency in a food system and care for their health, the animals, the agricultural workers, and the planet, more leaders are stepping up to the challenge of meeting this demand within the constraints of their existing budgets.

We still have a long way to reach human, economic, social, and environmental sustainability, but Werner Erhard explains, “Integrity is a mountain with no top. Therefore those who set off on this task must learn to enjoy climbing because there is no end to the process. And as the climb continues life continues to get better.”

In 2018 we're proud to have worked with the Hawai‘i public schools to pilot a farm to school program at Mililani High School that resulted in a semester savings of $107,658 while at the same time increasing the number of students who chose to eat school lunches by 57% with more local and fresh food. The program continues to expand throughout the state.

Also in 2018, we were excited to begin working with Kona Community Hospital and Hawai‘i Health Systems Corporation Kaua‘i Region in making healthy food for the health care system. Kona Community Hospital employees and patients have seen more than 65 new recipes including fresh version of old favorites and new highlights such as Mexican lasagna, gluten-free broccoli cashew alfredo, and honey ginger vegetable stir-fry.

We're looking forward to climbing higher in 2019. Happy holidays from all of us at Beyond Green. Wishing you peace and good food.
Local produce from new vendor Adaptations at Kona Community Hospital
Lentil bolognese at Kona Community Hospital
Featured Blog

The Intersection of Healthy People and a Healthy Planet

The relationship between asthma and a tomato might not seem obvious at first, but dig deeper and the connection reveals an inextricable link between our health and that of the environment and community. Our industrialized global food system, long reliant on the overuse of finite natural resources, stresses the ecosystem beyond capacity which in turn stresses our bodies, our communities, and our economy.

The idyllic representation of farms features diverse rows of vegetables and animals grazing freely on the nutrition growing in the soil beneath them. The family farms feed the people in nearby communities. However, these farms now represent at most three percent of the food in the U.S. food system.

Continue reading to find out what Kona Community Hospital accomplished in their first two months of a new healthy food initiative called ‘Ai Pono, Ho‘omaka ana by linking healthy people and a healthy planet.
Healthy Food Videos for Institutional Cooking
Beyond Green is taking you behind the scenes of Kona Community Hospital with 54 videos showing you how we make healthy, delicious food from scratch that people want to eat within budget. Learn how to make miso soup and more by following us on Facebook , Twitter , or LinkedIn.
Beyond Green in the News

Beyond Green started working with the Field Museum in Chicago in 2009. Read about their journey in GreenBiz and all that they have accomplished using the 10-year sustainability strategy plan we created with them all those years ago. Congrats to the Field Museum for making sustainability sustainable!
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Greg Christian