September 2019 Newsletter
Dear Friends,
We're off to an exciting new school year! Two of our favorite parts of working with schools to create healthy kids and communities is listening to what the kids have to say about school lunch and watching the teams strengthen as cooks make food from scratch.

Kids crave healthy food that tastes like the food they are used to eating at home. And most of them are sponges for new foods. We often hear that kids won't eat anything except hamburgers, pizza, and hot dogs, but this simply isn't true for the majority of students.

We recently taste tested a breakfast egg and spinach casserole at Central School in Lincoln, Illinois and here's what a few of the kids had to say:

"This cured my headache."

"My dad makes really good scrambled eggs and these taste like my dads."

"I would recommend this to anybody."

"I am going to turn into Popeye!" flexing his spinach eating muscles

"It's like my grandmas' cooking - the world's best."

Meanwhile, at Washington-Monroe School the proud, happy cooks made pancakes from scratch (no mixes!). The custodian pitched in by helping to set up the griddle. Administrators came by to watch the process and acknowledge the work of the cooks. With a scratch cooking program, opportunities abound for the invisible silos to break down and teams to move as a single unit. People feel valued with their contribution to a better tomorrow.

The business of food is really about the business of people - enriching lives and maximizing potential to create a world that works for everyone.
Recipe of the Month
Parmesan Potato Wedges
Lincoln 27 & Beyond kicked off the new scratch cooking menu with Parmesan Potato Wedges. The cooks find them easy to make, kids love to eat them, and farmers in the region grow them. A teacher in the district shared that "The potatoes today were pretty delicious. Usually they are soggy and tasteless." Hear more about Lincoln 27& Beyond and the new menu in the video below. #lincoln27andbeyond
Kids Want Healthy Food
"This is amazing! Our kids absolutely love how much better tasting and how much more healthy the food is! We at home have also been transitioning into better eating habits! It's great when the school is doing the same!" says Bionka Bruce on our Facebook page. The new scratch menu just started last week, but we're capturing data to show what's possible when families and schools collaborate for a better future.

To see more videos and learn more about Lincoln 27 & Beyond follow our YouTube channel, and follow us on social media: #lincoln27andbeyond
Beyond Green Partners in the News
Beyond Green Partners featured in USGBC+
During the past 3 years Beyond Green Partners has had the privilege of working with Hawaii state leaders to build six school and three hospital farm to institution models. The models helped pave the way for a concerted state-wide effort to drive the local food economy through institutional foodservice operations.
What is Lincoln 27 & Beyond?
Lincoln 27 and Beyond is a collaboration to support Lincoln Elementary School District in creating a foodservice program that meets the health and community needs of its people. Lincoln 27 and Beyond seeks to establish a culture of choosing nutritious and delicious food while creating a sustainable, equitable food system and empowering students to live their full potential.

Lincoln Elementary School District 27 serves over 360,000 meals annually to over 1200 students. With grant funding from the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation, LESD27 is working with Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners to move all district cafeterias to from-scratch cooking using fresh and local foods by the end of the 2019-2020 school year. It is a cost neutral program, meaning that it doesn’t cost the school more to operate the program because the time and money is found within the existing system. Everyone is engaged in the evolution of the kitchen as it becomes a nutrition program that provides nutrient-dense and delicious meals that set up their palates for a lifetime of craving healthy foods. #lincoln27andbeyond
Institutional Kitchen Training
Beyond Green Partners offers one, two, and five day workshops to support your team in cooking from scratch with local food under budget. With food and labor costs rising, kitchen efficiencies and waste reduction systems become all the more critical. Call us to discuss how we can help you stay relevant and keep pace with the ever changing world of food while saving money.

At a recent farm to school training 100% of participants said the "Beyond Green Partners team was highly effective in presenting the overall training."

If you're looking for a framework for a systems approach to school food change, learn more about our Dream a New Dream course by visiting our website and calling us today. The course qualifies for foodservice continuing education units by School Nutrition Authority.
Thanks again for the continued support. Drop us a line (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or the old fashioned way), we would love to hear from you!


Greg Christian and the Beyond Green Sustainable Partners Team