May 2019 Newsletter
Dear Friends,

We completed a six month intensive program with the hard working cafeteria staff of Kona Community Hospital. As a Blue Zones hospital they are now serving breakfast, lunches, and dinners from scratch with locally grown ingredients. They also feature vegetarian meals daily embraced by the most dedicated meat eaters. While the changes proved challenging in the initial months, all the staff now love the new food and taking care of their co-workers and patients with delicious and nutritious meals. Read more about the program and the achievements in the Kona Community Hospital Case Study.
The Kona Community Hospital cafeteria team.
Recipe of the Month
Cashew Queso Recipe on Vimeo
Go behind the scenes of Kona Community Hospital with Beyond Green Partners. See how we make healthy, delicious food from scratch that people want to eat within budget. Learn how to make cashew queso from scratch and more by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
Featured Blog
Photo above: Healthy Institutional Food Cooked from Scratch - Vegetable adobo, local beef burgers, and cauliflower "fried rice".
How to Plan a Fantastic Healthy Institutional Menu Within Budget

Students need proper nourishment to learn. Recently, a teacher shared her wish list for the school food program. She asked if sugar could be eliminated from the breakfast menu. Her students start their day bouncing off the walls and lack focus. The principle echoed the sentiment for wanting healthy food by sharing his observations of students having excess energy after meals and then depleted energy as the lack of nutrients sets in.
But how do you create a menu that serves the nutritional needs of students and meets the budget limitations of the school food program?
One Minute Idea for a Healthy Food Service
Menu Planning in Three Easy Steps
Many cafeterias space out types of foods to create a menu. Typically this means balancing proteins and styles of cooking. Take your menu planning to the next level with accounting for costs, student preferences, and preparation time. Chef Greg Christian explains advanced menu planning for optimizing resources and participation.
Beyond Green Partners in the News
Beyond Green Partners featured in West Hawaii Today
Beyond Green Partners worked with Kona Community Hospital to present acclaimed guest chef Sam Choy to celebrate the achievements of the hospital's healthy, fresh food initiative.
Teach Green This Spring and Win a Prize
Special opportunity to access free lessons including Beyond Green Partners' 9-Minute Nutrition Ninja
With warming weather and increasing sunshine, May is the perfect time for teachers to engage students with activities that foster sustainable thinking and behaviors. Teaching students about the impacts they have on their environment offers rewarding behavior changes and  emotional  and intellectual  benefits, regardless of the complexity of the lesson.

With the  #WhvlTeachGreen  campaign this May, we're making it easy, fun, and rewarding to teach green by recommending lessons, encouraging you to share your experiences, and by offering prizes for participation.

For the duration of the #WhylTeachGreen campaign, teachers can explore sustainability themed lessons for free on  Learning Lab,  teach a lesson that works for their classroom, and share their experience for a chance to win a prize.

Learning Lab is an online K-12 education platform for teachers to explore and implement sustainability themed lessons in the classroom. With over 600 lessons, from curriculum designers like us, Learning Lab is the best in class, one stop shop for sustainability education. Each lesson is standard aligned and equipped with all the resources and materials needed for implementation. So all you have to do is teach the lesson!

Explore  the lessons  and start teaching green.
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Greg Christian and the Beyond Green Sustainable Partners Team