An Artist's Moment
, What will inspire you?
Not all of us can have a fancy art studio in Kona Hawaii to feel inspired as artists. 

Jon and I have found that traveling and seeing new places is a way to keep the creative juices flowing. What we try to bring to our Academy members, are paintings from scenes that have touched our souls. I want to share our experiences with each precision brush stroke so that our trips become your trips, and the vistas that became my inspiration becomes contagious to you. 

On the last leg of our journey, we hope to find magnificent Canadian landscapes of fall trees and the rocky shores of the Atlantic Coastline. 

Your Personal Art Coach, 
News from the High Seas
From the ocean views, through the lava fields to the forest with flowering trees, we try to bring you the best in new material.

As we start to go through the hundreds of photos taken thus far, we will create some unique tutorials that will teach you new subjects, techniques and inspire to do great things with your own paintings.

Many of the photos that we have taken while visiting the different lands, will be used in our upcoming advanced course on painting design.
Upcoming Lesson for Video Lesson Library Members of the Academy
Desert Landscape

This tutorial will be released later this week for the VLL Members of the Academy and it will be one of the videos in our upcoming "Back to Basis - Landscapes" Series of lessons that will be able for sale on our OnDemand website.

This first lesson addresses a lot of the basic skills needed for painting landscapes.

Look for this lesson soon on on Thursday and then in our B2B Landscape Series of lessons on in the near future.
Current Video Lesson
Library Releases
Current Wave & Water Master Class Releases
Frank's Falls

Posted in  3 Cookies, Proficient Level, Video Lesson Library, Wave & Water  Go to lesson.

Posted in 3 Cookies, Proficient Level, Video Lesson Library  Go to lesson.
Frank's Falls

This is a 3-Cookies, Proficient Level, Wave and Water Master Class. Go to lesson.
Downloadable Website News
We have more exciting news as the upgrades have been completed to the website, . There may be a few things that crop up, but we will fix them as we find them and continue to enhance the site.

We will be adding more lessons to the site and also be offering a "Credit Purchase" program as well that will save you money on the lessons. Be sure to see what's going on at .

These titles will be added to our offerings very soon. Be sure to click on the image to go to the OnDemand website.

Look for the new listings and offerings later this month, and in the weeks to come. Just in time for the holidays.

Many more titles will be added to the website.
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Auction Website News
Not much news to report from the Auction website, but we do have a new website that we will be setting up shortly that will sale Ginger Cook original acrylic paintings directly to you.

This will be a website that will offer Ginger's larger paintings for a set price, that will be wholesale pricing to you directly! Look for this website in the coming month. We will send out a special notice once we have it ready to open.
Latest YouTube News
As we wind down our travels, we have two more "Live" YouTube Premiere sessions still planned. Be sure to watch our " announcement" video that we made before we left.

Next YouTube Live Premiere will be Monday, October 7 at 7:30 pm central time.

Look for us to return to a LIVE YouTube show on Monday, October 21st. (We hope!)
Affiliate Store News
T-Shirts & More News
We have changed this heading to "Affiliate Store News" because we are an affiliate for both Amazon and Dick Blick's art supplies. When you make purchases through our affiliate links, you are helping support us, and it cost you nothing more.

Please use our generic Amazon link when you plan on shopping, because we benefit from any purchases that you may make then you enter their website through our link.
The staff has been working on new designs and hope have them ready for the holiday season.

Please visit our  Teespring store often so you will know when we have the new releases.
The Tech Bear News
Still looking for more ideas from you!

What are you having a problem with or what would you like to see from The Tech Bear that will help you? I'm sure that he will be ready to get back to work after all of the world travels that you have painted Sammy in as you see him traveling. Susan Lewis captured Sammy kayaking on the Intercostal Waterways

Might you have a suggestion or two for him? Let us hear from you,

Be sure to check out the Where in the World is Sammy in our private Facebook Clubhouse. ( ) If you are not a member of our Facebook page...why not?

And you can find the album of the paintings here   so you can see what Sammy has been up to while we have been gone.
Final Words
As we finish up these early fall tours, we have come up with several more ideas to help you with your paintings. Look for many new lessons and videos from us with lots of "tips and tricks" that will expand your acrylic painting knowledge. The best is yet to come!

Make sure that you subscribe to the Newsletter , Ginger's YouTube channel, The Tech Bear's YouTube channel and our private Facebook Group - The Merry Band of Artists.

As always, thank you for your continued support,

Ginger, Jon, Charlie, Sammy, Chester, Ellie, and Snarky