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"Kelly Slater's vision was to create a soliton wave, i.e., a self-reinforcing solitary wave that maintains its shape while it propagates at a constant velocity.
In 2007, he founded the Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC) and, in a decade, the Floridian champion created what is widely regarded as the best artificial wave pool in the world."

Final Thought
In the midst of a global pandemic, face-to-face meetings have shifted significantly towards virtual delivery, such as Telemedicine. The telecommunication health-related service allows patients to connect virtually with their doctors, mitigating in-person appointments. The same can be said about Condition monitoring (CM) and machinery. Where rotating machinery is the patient, and the analyst is the doctor. 

CM is the process of monitoring the health and functionality of critical assets, allowing machinery operators to make efficient and effective maintenance decisions. More informed maintenance decisions lead to increased equipment reliability, as possible failures are detected in their infancy and can be tracked during their progression. - learn more by contacting AME at
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