The trails and lakes are ready for explorations! Travel restrictions to VT have eased up a bit and Burke area businesses are excited to welcome you back. Visitors from New England and New York counties with 400 or fewer active COVID-19 cases per million are welcome to visit with no need to quarantine. CLICK HERE for a map of those counties and up to date case numbers. CLICK HERE for other updates from the State of VT. It may take a little extra effort to get here these days, but once you're here, you'll find it's well worth it!

Plan to stay a while to enjoy all there is to offer. Midweek stays are highly recommended and usually mean lower lodging rates. Bring the bike and see for yourself why Kingdom Trails is the premiere mountain biking destination in the Northeast, take a dip in the pristine waters of Lake Willoughby (it's really not as cold as they say!) or just enjoy a lazy day at the beach.

Summer is here! Explore & Enjoy!