Greetings from Cathy Church
A warm 'Hello' to all our wonderful Cathy Church friends,

While we are all 'sheltering at home', many of us are turning to our libraries of underwater photographs and videos, partly as a way to remember our wonderful dive trips, but also to go through them to weed out the good from the bad.

Many photos or videos, which you may automatically put in the 'trash', can actually be improved considerably by using basic editing techniques, from brightness and contrast, dehazing, shadows and highlights, distortion, backscatter or spot removal, gradient tools, to color balance and more.

We would like to let you know we can still provide the same excellent standard of teaching of both GoPro and Photo Editing, via a virtual platform such as Skype or Zoom.

While at home, why not consider taking an online class with one of us. From beginners to more advanced, we can help you all - from those who like to use GoPro's and want to learn how to edit your videos, to those who would like to learn techniques of Lightroom or Photoshop - we can help you!

For your one on one class, we can tailor make the session to whatever you require. For those who have Zoom and would like to do a group participant session, we can also do that! We can do as little as half an hour, up to as long you want. Prices usually start at US$65 per hour for staff, but online we will charge only US$50 per hour! Payment can be made over the phone.

No need to be bored at home when there is a wealth of knowledge waiting for you from Cathy Church's Photo Centre's excellent staff!

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Keep safe and well and motivated!

With our very best regards,

All the staff at Cathy Church's Photo Centre
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