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LPO/Escrow Officer

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Escrow Officer

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Escrow Officer

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Title Officer

Darren Plank
Title Officer

Leah Stanley
Title Officer

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Marketing Director

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Article8Employee Spotlight: Darren Plank 

Darren Plank,
Title Officer
Darren Plank, Title Officer at Cowlitz County Title, works with Title Officers, Jason Hanson and Leah Stanley examining title to assist the Cowlitz County Title Escrow Department in closing sales and refinance transactions. Additionally, Darren and the Title Department team assist local professionals and residents like surveyors, appraisers, realtors, homeowners, local business owners, land developers and local government and state agencies with their title needs. Darren has 9 years of title experience -- 4 years of land title experience on top of 5 years of subsurface title experience in the oil and gas industry. He has been with Cowlitz County Title for 3 years. Darren believes a day running title falls under the old adage, "do what you enjoy, and you'll never work a day".
Darren has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in history from TCU (Texas Christian University) in Fort Worth and a Master of Arts Degree in history from the University of Texas at Arlington. He enjoys candid photography and spending time with his wife and daughter. Darren and family like to adventure on day trips to places of interest like Mt. Saint Helens and to places they have never been before. For your next title needs contact Darren at

Article1Ruby's BBQ Burgers 
1 lb. Ground Beef
1/4 cup finely chopped sweet onion
1 clove minced garlic
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
2 slices of medium cheddar cheese
1 chopped garlic dill pickle
Salt & pepper
In a large bowl mix ground beef, chopped onions, minced garlic and Worcestershire sauce.  Form two 1/2 lb. patties by hand.  Salt and pepper both sides.  Place patties on a wood pellet bbq grill set at 375 degrees for 10 min. then flip burgers and cook for 4 min.  Add cheese and cook until well melted.  Place burgers on Kalama Sourdough Hamburger buns with slices of garlic dill pickle and your other favorite sauces if desired.  Enjoy with potato chips and a slice of watermelon.   
- Recipe by Ruby

Article5 Home Improvements That Appeal to Millennials
Millennials make up the largest share of home buyers today.  In general, they are looking for homes that are move-in ready and not in need of significant repairs.  With that in mind, motivated sellers will want to look at making the renovations that will be most appealing to this younger generation in order to maximize their home improvement dollars and increase chances of a quick sale.  Check out this list of the top modest home improvements that are likely to get your home noticed and highly valued in this competitive market.  
Article6 Concrete Patio: From Drab to Fab
It's a common sight in many back yards: a cold, drab concrete slab just off the back door.  But all is not lost! You can transform that slab and create a welcoming outdoor living space that adds value to your home and your life!  Check out this article for some inspiration on how to turn your concrete patio into a fabulous area in which you want to kick back and relax.   
Paying More for the Home You Want

house_investment_penny.jpg The home-buying process can be a stressful one, with the average shopper looking at 19 properties within a 5 month period.  50% of prospective buyers employ a licensed real estate agent to help them find the perfect fit, and 75% use online resources.  However, even with the help of an expert and technology, options often overwhelm and the need to make compromises is real.  With that in mind, home buyers are often willing to go over budget in order to secure the home they really want.  Click here to learn more.  
There's no denying that we are living in stressful and worrisome times.  Finding a way to escape doesn't have to mean disconnecting from the world, but rather finding a project that lends meaning and passion to your life, allowing you to connect more to yourself and the things you enjoy.  Passion projects are just that; an activity or endeavor that brings you joy, inspires you and allows you to invest your creativity in something you love.  There's arguably never been a better time to begin a passion project.  Check out this list of 55 inspired ideas for your next passion project

"There are moments, above all on June evenings, when the lakes that hold our moons are sucked into the earth, and nothing is left but wine and the touch of a hand."

- Charles Morgan

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