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Season's Greetings from Edgar Winter

Hello All,

    alright, Alright, ALRIGHT! It’s that magical time of year again. For me it always brings back that same sense of innocent childhood wonder. It’s the same way I felt when Johnny and I first picked up our ukuleles and started to sing and play music together—a feeling of pure joy, excitement, and Love. Monique and I hope you’re feeling it too.

    I remember thinking (as a kid) what am I going to get this year? The possibilities were endless. Now, it’s what can I give this year? It takes a lifetime to realize the simple truth—the more you give, the more you get! And the best thing to give is Love!

    It’s not the gift, but the Love behind it that counts. And what else do we really have, anyway? Nothing is actually ours for very long. Even life itself doesn’t belong to us, we belong to life. We are part of it for a while, and then pass it on—but the Love we put into life goes on forever. 

  I’ve spent my life putting Love into music, and it just keeps coming back.

I can’t give it away! It just keeps growing, expanding, and transcending. And you all out there are perfect proof of that. Neither Johnny nor I could have done anything we did without you. You’ve given us a truly precious gift—the opportunity to do what we most Love, and feel that joy coming back in return. Monique and I (and Johnny) thank you with all our hearts for your Love and loyalty throughout the years, for being there, and just continuing to care.

    You might say our Christmas gift to you (and to the world) is the album “Brother Johnny”. In a way we’ve spent our whole lives making it—and now finally, the last several years Recording it. We hope it will keep you rockin’ through the holidays, and you get the message coming through loud and clear. The record may wear out, but the Love that’s gone into it will go on forever. Please, pass it on!

           HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

         With Peace and Love

              for the New Year

             Edgar & Monique

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