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January 2014
And the WINNER is!!!

Susan Yost Straley from Bellefonte, PA was the first person to enter our contest on our Facebook page and WIN!  Susan won a $50 gift card to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore.  

Here is her post:  "The compliment list has become an integral part of my kindergarten class. We have a star each day and at the end of the day, we give the star compliments (two from students, one from the teacher, and a personal compliment). The children cherish their compliment lists. I visited a family several years ago and they had a prominent display of the compliment lists their daughter had received in my class. I think we often underestimate the lasting impact those kind words have on the children we teach."

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered!  February will be our next contest and YOU could win too! 

The 2014 PATHS� International Conference will be held in Cleveland, OH on May 15 & 16.  More information about registration in our next newsletter!
Happy New Year!
As we start a new year, many times we focus on making resolutions as motivation to kick an old habit or develop a new one or maybe just to accomplish a certain goal. Most of us make them and we thought it would be fun for you and your  students to set some goals for the PATHS� program in the New Year!  
Have a class meeting and as a group make some resolutions! Here are some ideas to get you started!
Resolutions for teachers, classrooms, & students
  • I will engage children by talking about the parent and child activities in the PATHS� program and sending them home regularly.
  • I will use the bibliographies to connect the PATHS� program to social and emotional literature.
  • I will model and share my feelings with my students.
  • I will use the feeling faces cards more often.
  • I will wear and display feeling faces each day.
  • I will display PATHS� program materials at the appropriate height in my classroom.
  • I will integrate the PATHS� concepts throughout the day.
  • We will invite others from outside our classroom to the the PATHS� Kid/Pupil of the Day.
  • We will have classroom problem solving meetings one time each week.
  • We will help each other recognize how we feel each day.
  • We will read books about feelings and problem solving each week
  • I will practice what I learn in the PATHS� program.
  • I will teach my parents about the 3 steps for calming down or turtle.
  • I will be kind to others.
  • I will use my words wisely.
  • I will use the Golden Rule when problem solving.
These are just a few suggestions...have fun with it and let us know what resolutions you have created!
Parent Corner

We don't always know what impact we have in the work we do and it is wonderful to receive positive feedback especially from parents.  This is a note written by a parent who participated in PATHS parent workshops at their child's school. 


"I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge "THANK YOU"  to you for bringing the PATHS Workshop to the Primary School, where my children attend .


With your patience and understanding I have learned lots of fantastic new skills , which have enabled me to bring harmony to my home. What has made this course so very special is the way that my 6 year old has been able to join me, so that we are learning together. This means that we can put into practice at home the things that he is learning at school . 


We now have family rules , which we all contributed ideas towards and to which we lightheartedly refer if one of us forgets .


As a family we try to remember to do 'turtle' when things go awry . Our children enjoy showing their dad how to do it when he forgets . (He occasionally is awarded a sticker if he is really good!)



Giving each other a compliment is such a wonderful idea, my 9 year old son and 12 year old daughter, find it hilarious trying to think up compliments for each other!  It has had such a positive effect on my 6 year old that when we play "restaurants", we now pay with hugs and compliments instead of play money .


You have changed our lives and made us realize that there is always a positive way forwards."

We want your ideas! We are looking for your ways to better support your PATHS� program implementation, email us to let us know what topics you'd like to see in our newsletters! 

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