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December 2013
You still have time to be a winner!

We have extended our contest deadline!  Go to our Facebook page and share a favorite PATHS(R) book or a compliment for your students or a way you tie the PATHS(R) program into other subjects areas...share anything related to the PATHS(R) program that you like and be entered into a drawing to WIN a COOL prize!!  Contest ends December 28th!!

Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays to all teachers and school administrators! Thank you for everything you do on behalf of children each and every day!   We look forward to a New Year filled with learning for all!
Make Your Own Stress Balls
Sometimes we need something "to do" when we are feeling anxious, angry, or excited! These stress balls are an inexpensive and fun way to give your class an alternative for calming down.  Two versions are provided for you to try!
Stress Ball #1
Sand or Rice or Cornstarch
Using the funnel, fill each balloon with sand, rice, or cornstarch until it is about 3-4 inches in diameter. Tie it tight.  Stretch a second balloon over the filled balloon to give it extra strength.  Allow students create a feeling face on their stress ball. 
Stress Ball #2
stress relief putty
Liquid starch
White glue
In a bowl, mix one part liquid starch with two parts glue.  You may want to start with small amounts at first to get a feel for how to make the stress relief putty. 
Mix the ingredients together with a spoon or your hands.  Allow the mixture to dry in the bowl until it is a workable consistency.  Add glue if it is too soft and starch if it is too tough. 


Add a few drops of food color and knead well if you would like to add color.  Store in an airtight container. 
Make sure to discuss as a class when it is ok and when it is not ok to use their stress balls.  Squeeze away!


  Principal's Corner
Is there a compliment box in your school office?  A place where parents, students, teachers, staff and administrators can share compliments with each other?  Why not make it a habit to read some of those compliments over the intercom each day to encourage a positive school atmosphere?
Do you have best practices for your teachers when it comes to teaching the PATHS� program? We'd like to hear from you!  Share a best practice on our Facebook page and win a prize!
Literature Connections
Here are some excellent books to make connections to PATHS concepts recommended by our PATHS trainers!  
Grumpy by Britta Teckentrup
SYNOPSIS:  Grumpy Cat isn't really grumpy-he's just lonely. He wants to make friends but doesn't know how. When he meets a lost, playful kitten, he almost misses his chance to befriend her by walking away. The kitten's cheerfulness almost comes to naught, until a near accident causes Grumpy Cat to save her. From there the path of true friendship runs smooth. Can be used with some of these lessons:  Evolution of friends, helping and sharing and misconceptions.  Suitable for PreK/K/Grade 1
Recommended by Julie Gest
Crazy Hair Day by Barney Saltzberg:
SYNOPSIS:  Stanley Birdbaum's elementary school is having a Crazy Hair Day. Stanley is particularly excited about it! One Friday, he and his mom have a wonderful time crafting his kooky coiffure. When he walks into class, all spiky and striped and ready to go, he hears his teacher reminding everyone that Crazy Hair Day is next Friday. Today, in fact, is School Picture Day. Stanley, now sick, runs to the bathroom and doesn't come out. He finally decides to risk more ridicule and get his picture taken with the class. Fortunately, it does prove to be a day Stanley will never forget, because his classmates surprise him by wearing silly, makeshift hats for the school picture that make him and his crazy hair feel right at home.  Suitable for Grade 2/3.
Recommended by Melissa Tomascik



Eagles Song by Joseph Bruchac

SYNOPSISIt's a shock for fourth-grader Danny Bigtree to move to Brooklyn from his Mohawk Nation reservation: suddenly he has no friends, and his classmates taunt him, asking him where his war pony is and telling him to go home to his teepee. After his charismatic father makes a class visit to talk about Iroquois culture, his peers begin to warm up to him. (The legend of the great peacemaker Aionwahta, who united five warring Indian nations into the Iroquois Confederacy and turned an enemy into an ally.) Danny, like Aionwahta, becomes an agent of peace, and finds a way to transform the school bully into a friend.  Suitable for Grade 4/5.

Recommended by Gary Lazenby

Calming Down for Teachers
We know it is important to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others! Teaching can make it difficult to take care of ourselves, especially during the holidays.  What are some ways that you calm yourself down?  Count to 10?  Get lost in a good book?  Take a deep breath? Listen to some favorite music?
Try to focus on the comfortable and enjoy the positive moments both in and outside the classroom during this busy time!

We want your ideas! We are looking for your ways to better support your PATHS� program implementation, email us to let us know what topics you'd like to see in our newsletters! 

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